The owner of a destroyed Tesla criticizes the fine of the truck driver

The owner of a Tesla discharged when a truck dumped its load of flagstones around a curve has criticized the sentence handed down to the driver.

Neil and Alison Collins escaped the wreckage of their £ 50,000 car with minor injuries after the incident, which occurred in Weston Longville near Norwich on April 26.

Upon appearing in Norwich Magistrates Court, the truck driver pleaded guilty to using a motor vehicle in which the weight, position or distribution of its load posed a risk of injury to any person. He was ordered to pay a fine of £ 267, a victim surcharge of £ 34 and £ 85 in costs, in addition to receiving three points on his driver’s license.

Collins said he was concerned that similar accidents would continue to occur: “Something has gone wrong in the system here, where something that could have resulted in the death of my wife and I has been treated without any seriousness.”

The Drivers and Vehicle Standards Agency said: “We are committed to ensuring that lessons are learned and will continue to assist drivers and crack down on dangerous vehicles. This includes continuing to conduct regular intelligence-based road checks and working with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Department to update our plain language guide. “

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