Trump lawyers accuse Biden of ‘complying with orders’ from Jan.6 panel

Lawyers for ex President TrumpDonald TrumpOvernight Energy & Environment – Biden to Release 50 Million Barrels of Oil Reserve On The Money – Biden: America Should ‘Rest Easy’ on Prices Former NYPD Commissioner to Testify Before the Jan.6 Committee and demands MORE apologies Wednesday accused President BidenJoe BidenKyle Rittenhouse: No Money Traded For Tucker Carlson Interview, Overnight Energy & Environment Documentary Series – Biden To Release 50 Million Barrels Of Oil Reserve On The Money – Biden: America Should ‘Rest Easy’ On Prices MORE of colluding with Congressional Democrats on a partisan “fishing expedition” over the previous administration’s handling of the January 6 riots.

Trump’s legal team filed a brief with the DC Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday. In the brief, they argued that the efforts being made by the House Select Committee investigating the attack to obtain extensive records from the White House serve no valid purpose other than to harm the former president.

“There is little doubt that President Biden is following the orders of a Congress controlled by his party. Appellee’s briefs are riddled with political hostility,” Trump’s lawyers wrote. “The Committee is not tasked with a criminal or impeachment investigation of President Trump, nor is it tasked with determining the status or integrity of the 2020 election. Congress and the President are on a fishing expedition to find information. damaging to your past and future policy. opponents. “

The report is likely to be the final submission by either party ahead of Nov.30 oral arguments on whether Trump can use assertions of executive privilege to prevent the select committee from obtaining hundreds of pages of internal White House records. from the National Archives.

Trump appealed earlier this month after a district court judge rejected his claim, ruling that his claims of executive privilege are outweighed by the fact that both the incumbent president and Congress believe the documents should be. published.

The lawsuit will test Trump’s novel claims about the extent of a former president’s authority to invoke executive privilege, and how it is resolved could set the tone for the rest of the select committee’s investigation.

Lawyers for the select committee argued this week that the records are vital to their investigation into what led to the attack on Capitol Hill and that any further delay would damage lawmakers’ ability to seek answers.

“The delay itself would inflict serious constitutional injury on the Select Committee by interfering with its legislative duty. The Select Committee needs the documents now because they will shape the direction of the investigation,” the committee’s attorneys wrote in a presentation. “For example, the documents could inform which witnesses to testify and what questions to ask them, as well as whether further subpoenas should be issued to others.”

Trump’s lawyers argued Wednesday that the Democrats’ alleged political goals undermine their legal basis for seeking the documents, claiming that if the documents are released it would damage the institutional position of the executive branch.

“Here, the personal political interests of the incumbent president are aligned with the majority of Congress, and his political objective will seriously damage the integrity of the constitutional structure of our Republic if achieved,” Trump’s lawyers wrote. “The political animosity displayed by President Biden and his allies in Congress weighs against the unlimited deference to the incumbent president sought by appellants.”

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