The rise of anti-Semitism and its consequences in the world

The main instigators of anti-Semitism today come from the radical right, the radical left, and radical Islam. Although these three main groups despise each other and would like to destroy each other, they are united in their irrational hatred for the Jewish people.

These haters of Israel and Jews are distorting and manipulating the important concepts of promoting human rights, fighting foreign occupations, seeking peace and equality, to fit them into a new “intersectionality” narrative. That is, anti-Semites and anti-Zionists are “hijacking solidarity” by joining other minority groups, in order to use them to amplify their hatred of Israel.

Many books have been written on this phenomenon, but it appears that the most recent wave of anti-Semitism has gained momentum due to a deceptive, multi-million dollar “machine of influence” that is targeting and supporting the pernicious denial of the well-documented right of the Jewish people to their homeland. ancestral in the land of Israel. The vast majority of Jews are considered to be supporters of Israel and therefore all Jews are under attack.

This “machine of influence” is working overtime to paint the Palestinian Arab Authority and the Hamas terror group as the underdog, rather than being called for who they really are. Entities that brainwash children and adults with hatred of Jews, pay salaries to terrorists, all while Hamas continues to build a terrorist infrastructure designed to kill Israeli civilians and destroy the State of Israel.

The reach of this “machine of influence” extends to universities, the print and online media, and the Western public in general, without being adequately challenged. To make the war against this misinformation worse, there are many unconscious and naive Jewish students and adults, who think that if they oppose their Jewish brothers and sisters and the one Jewish state, they will be respected by these anti-Zionist groups. They are so wrong.

Exposing and dispelling lies and deception effectively will require a massive international effort, which should include cooperation between the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities. The world needs to wake up and understand that if we allow this dangerous brainwashing to continue, the future of all humanity is in jeopardy and there is no difference between Jews and non-Jews.

A classic example can be found in the way that Nazi Germany began by exterminating innocent Jews, but ultimately ended up destroying the lives of millions of non-Jewish people. The same can be said for terrorists who have struck targets around the world, in New York, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma, London, Paris, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Gaza. They do not care who the real victims are and they do not differentiate between their political beliefs or religion.

So how can we fight this growing and dangerous trend of like-minded people who are being brainwashed by this “machine of influence” to turn anti-Israel?

First, education is key. People of different faiths should learn more about Jewish history and the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel, especially Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, which have become focal points of the Israeli-Palestinian discourse. Second, we need to expose the major players and the money trail behind this multi-billion dollar “influence machine”, which uses social media, international media, educational institutions, NGOs and more, to undermine Israel’s law. to exist as a Jewish-democratic state. Finally, we have to work harder, to show non-Jewish and non-Zionist people in the West, that defending Israel and fighting Jewish hatred is in their best interest. If the Jews and the Jewish state weaken, the West and liberal values ​​will weaken as well. If the Jews and the democratic state of Israel prosper, the future of free Western societies will also prosper.

Dr. Shmuel Katz is an American Zionist leader, speaker, and philanthropist.

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