The China-Russia Entente could be the next great alliance

China and Russia signed a “road map” on Tuesday to strengthen military ties, the reports said. The Associated Press reported that “Russia’s defense chief signed a roadmap on Tuesday to strengthen military ties with China, noting the increasingly frequent flights of US strategic bombers near the borders of both countries.”

This is an important development and could have important ramifications for the rest of this century. The report says that during a video call, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and his Chinese counterpart Wei Fenghe “expressed a shared interest in intensifying strategic military exercises and joint patrols by Russia and China.”

“China and Russia have been strategic partners for many years,” Shoigu said. “Today, in conditions of growing geopolitical turbulence and growing potential for conflict in various parts of the world, the development of our interaction is especially relevant.” Russia has expressed more concern about US military flights near Russian airspace. Russia says there have been “30 such missions in the last month alone,” the report says. “This month, during the US Global Thunder strategic force exercise, 10 strategic bombers practiced the scenario of using nuclear weapons against Russia practically simultaneously from the western and eastern directions,” Shoigu said.

Why does this matter? Russia suffered greatly after the Cold War, with both population and influence declining. However, his army has been rebuilt under Vladimir Putin and has extended his influence to Syria, Libya and other parts of the world. It is selling its S-400s to Turkey, India and other countries. Russia is back, is the message. Its new Checkmate fighter jet was showcased in Dubai recently.

Putin’s concept can be summed up in a joke he once told reporters at an annual meeting. When asked why the defense budget is important, he told a story about an elderly man and his son. The son tells his father that he has exchanged a knife for a new watch. The man looks at the watch and says it is a good watch, but warns his son. “What if tomorrow the bandits come and rape your sister and kill me, and you look down and can only answer with what time it is in Moscow?” In fact, instead of the knife, the son will only have a watch to defend his family. US Navy Guided Missile Destroyer patrols in the Philippine Sea. The destroyer sailed 12 nautical miles from an island claimed by China and two other states in the South China Sea in 2016 to counter efforts to limit freedom of navigation, the Pentagon said. (credit: REUTERS)

As Russia seeks greater influence, hosting Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas this week, China is also showing its muscles. CNN reported that the US was not satisfied to see China trying to move to the Middle East with strategic projects at the ports of US partners. “Construction was halted on a secret development inside a Chinese shipping port near Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates after intense US pressure, at least for now, two sources familiar with the matter told CNN, but several officials They warned that security concerns about the Chinese presence in the country are far from resolved, ”CNN wrote last week.

The Russia-China relationship has grown for years. Both work with the Iranian regime and work in various forums, such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA) to build a multipolar world that balances US hegemony. This authoritarian alliance also aims to work with other authoritarians. Recent articles warning of the decline of democracy in the world point out how authoritarians work together. This is aimed at ending the New World Order that George HW Bush promised. No more liberal rule-based international order. While US President Joe Biden wanted to host Middle-earth’s remaining democracies at some kind of summit, it is China and Russia that are officially forging closer ties.

Could this alliance resemble the Entente Cordiale of France and the United Kingdom signed in 1904? Although that alliance united two democracies and laid the groundwork for opposition to the Germans in the Great War and new ties in World War II, the alliance of Russia and China may be something else entirely.

The United States is trying to work with Ukraine and partners in Asia at the same time to counter Russia and China. But it is unclear whether the United States can still do both without the powerful commitments of other countries that are still trying to rebuild their forces. CNN reported this week that “ships in Chinese waters are disappearing from global trackers, creating another headache for the global supply chain. China’s increasing isolation from the rest of the world, coupled with a growing distrust of foreign influence, may be to blame. “But the story here may not be isolation, but rather that China could create a parallel global system. This includes its own social media and other ways you’ve created a parallel internet powerhouse. Perhaps one day the world will be caught off guard, as it was during the pandemic in early 2020, and find that its internet or shipping rules have been challenged.

The Philippines recently completed the resupply of a ship stranded at an outpost in the South China Sea, complaining that China is attempting to intercept its supplies. An American warship transited the Taiwan Strait. China has been warning the United States. Russia is upset by the actions of the United States near Crimea. Reading this map of the world, one could conclude that the history of the China-Russia roadmap is a clear warning to Washington. And this could set the stage for the next few years as the world shifts to Beijing and Moscow in its reparations to confront the United States. For American allies and partners, this also sets the stage for the complexity of international affairs in the years ahead.

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