Men try a device that mimics menstrual cramps, they can’t handle it

More than two million viewers enjoyed watching the men writhe in pain when they first experienced menstrual cramps.

A group of women decided to challenge their male friends and connect them to a machine that simulates period pain to test their responses. They documented the experiment on TikTok in a video that was viewed by 2.3 million people.

Thousands of women commented on how they liked to see the men moan in pain and asked that a similar simulation be given to the high school students.

The video, posted by benztraphouse, first shows the women experimenting with the device to confirm that it feels similar to their monthly menstrual cramps.

“It’s not even as horrible as real cramps,” one of them is heard saying. Another added: “Yes, my cramps are more painful.”

Then several men pressed the simulator against their stomachs and, although the pain was an external simulation, they could not bear it.

“Wait, is it supposed to hurt like this?” asked one. Another screamed in pain: “Whoa! Whoa!” While another man seemed to be bent over and clinging to something until he could not bear the pain, he then removed the apparatus from his body.

The video was filled with responses from women: “The poor guy in the pink hoodie didn’t know how to calm down. The man looked like he was fighting for his life,” wrote one.

Another added, “Can you feel it on your back, baby? Every month, buddy. Every month.”

Another wrote: “When someone said that he felt like being stabbed and asked how he was coping, she replied that he went on with his daily routine: working, cleaning the house, cooking and taking care of the children. And, at night, the pain interfered with his sleep. “

Another viewer commented, “You really should learn to appreciate us. We look forward to a massage and a chocolate during our next cycle.”

Massage (Credit: Pixabay)

And another added: “This simulator needs to be added to high school health classes because a lot of men don’t really understand the suffering we go through.”

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