Faster: Facebook Messenger gets new app on Windows 10 and 11

Facebook has released update 1320.11.119.0 for the beta of its Messenger app on the Microsoft Store, introducing the use of the open source platform React Native. The novelty is available for Windows 10 and Windows 11 and had its look changed to adapt to the style of interface of the new operating system.

With the abandonment of the Electron framework for the adoption of the Universal Windows Platform, the acronym UWP in English, the app underwent an improvement similar to the new WhatsApp unveiled last week.

The service interface was similar to the new WhatsApp on the Microsoft Store; “Dark mode” is also offered.Source: Reproduction/ Windows Blog Italia

According to the portal Tech Radar, the most noticeable change is in performance: the app is much faster than its predecessor and has had a “significant” improvement in the use of system resources. Also, the program is 100MB lighter than the old variant.

Comparison of required storage in different app versionsComparison of required storage in different app versionsSource: Reproduction/ Windows Blog Italia

Currently, the beta is not widely available and requires code to download. Therefore, it is possible that it is being offered to a specific group of individuals. But, according to the Windows Blog Italia, the release of the update in the stable version of the program can be carried out in the “next weeks” after the correction of bugs and aesthetic imperfections.

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