Christian Zionists around the world give Israel 36 bomb shelters

Christian supporters of Israel around the world have donated another 36 portable bomb shelters to Israelis living on the country’s borders.

The shelters were delivered through the International Christian Embassy (ICEJ) in coordination with Operation Lifeshield. The funds have been raised for the past six months after the last war between Hamas and Israel that ended with 13 Israelis killed.

Donations came from Christians in Brazil, Canada, China, the Czech Republic, Fiji, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States, among other places.

While the southern region of the country, especially the Gaza border communities, has received a lot of attention, the need for bomb shelters in the north has become a growing concern. Residents fear rocket attacks from Syria and Lebanon.

“Many Israelis living along the Gaza border have told us that these mobile bomb shelters save lives and provide their families the peace of mind they need to continue their daily lives under the constant threat of rocket attacks,” said the President of ICEJ, Dr. Jürgen Bühler. “Now we want to focus more on the need for more bomb shelters to protect civilians in the north.”

A donated mobile bomber shelter from a kindergarten on Kibbutz Usha (credit: Christian Embassy / Operation Lifeshield)

A report by the State Comptroller issued last year said that some 2.6 million residents of northern Israel – Jews, Muslims, and Arab and Druze Christians – do not have access to functional bomb shelters. The state has invested some funds in upgrading existing facilities, but has been unable to provide enough, largely due to competing safety concerns.

Therefore, ICEJ has stepped up its efforts in the area, supplying most of the latter shelters to cities in the northern regions of Galilee and Haifa.

This latest supply included the dispatch of bomb shelters to Haifa, Acre and Kfar Maccabi, for example, all in consultation with local authorities, security chiefs and social agencies, including the facilities of the Acre Israel Tennis Center that teaches tennis and others. sports to Jews and Arabs. young people from disadvantaged families. Others have gone to Jewish and Arab agricultural villages in the Zevulun regional council, located near strategic facilities such as oil storage tanks and chemical plants, which could be targeted by Hezbollah rockets.

“By selecting where to locate these shelters, the Christian Embassy also seeks to meet other social needs in the community,” said Bühler. “We are also pleased to promote coexistence between Jews and Arabs by sharing these havens among diverse communities in the north.”

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