Microsoft releases new 2D Windows 11 emojis

This Monday (22), Microsoft announced the release of new Fluent design style emojis for Windows 11 through an optional operating system (OS) update.

As you can see below, the new faces are in 2D. The aesthetic does not represent the trailer released in July by the company, which displayed the three-dimensionally animated stickers.

Old emojis on the left next to the announced 3D options and what Windows 11 gotSource: Reproduction/The Verge

In a post on the Microsoft Design blog, Claire Anderson, the company’s “emojiologist”, even said that the 3D look would be used in the news, but the post was updated this week with an explanation that the emojis will remain “flat”. The reason for this change was not given.

How to install new Windows 11 emojis?

To get the novelty, it is necessary to install the new optional preview version of Windows 11 November. Access your operating system settings and choose “Windows Update”. After the upgrade, use the shortcut with the “Windows” key and period to access the emoji keyboard.

Although there is no justification for the lack of three-dimensionality in emojis, the portal The Verge speculates a technical limitation of the figures’ file format as a possible reason. Unlike Apple, which uses bitmaps in rendering, Microsoft takes advantage of vectors as they are more adaptable to different sizes, but the file is more suitable for flat images.

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