Michigan hospital chiefs plead with the public to do their part amid rising hospitalizations

Medical directors overseeing community hospitals in Michigan urged the public to do their part to stop the rise in coronavirus infections amid near-record hospitalizations and staff shortages in the state.

In a statement sent to the Michigan Health and Hospital Association website On Monday, chief medical representatives stated that medical facilities have been flooded with COVID-19 patients.

As of Nov. 21, according to the release, Michigan has seen 3,785 people hospitalized for COVID-19, including 784 in the intensive care units of community hospitals. Most of those hospitalized are not vaccinated, medical officials said, according to the statement.

“In addition to this large number of COVID-19 patients requiring emergency care and hospitalization, we are seeing a large number of patients with other medical conditions that require attention,” the statement said.

Among COVID-19 infections and other non-coronavirus ailments, officials warn, hospitals are maxed out.

“We can’t wait any longer for Michigan to correct course; We need your help now to end this increase and make sure our hospitals can serve all who need it. ”

The Wolverine state news comes amid a surge in coronavirus infections across the country as infections continue and a significant portion of Americans remain unvaccinated.

The Midwest, parts of the Northeast, and other areas of the U.S. have seen increases in cases, according to a heat map from The New York Times.

Medical officials emphasized in their statement Monday that in addition to hospitals operating at maximum capacity, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are also being pushed to the limit.

“There may be times when the capacity of the system is not adequate to accommodate the usual response and speed of transport, especially for transfers out of the area,” said the officers.

Officials said Michigan residents can do their part to ease this growing strain on the state’s medical system by getting vaccinated or, if they are already vaccinated, getting a booster shot.

They also recommended social distancing and limiting exposure to others.

Michigan has had a history laden with coronavirus restrictions. Governor Gretchen whitmerGretchen Whitmer Biden Must Protect Great Lakes From Oil Spill Threat Michigan City Becomes First In US To Demand Free Tampons At Biden Public Restrooms, Senior Officials Dispersed To Promote Infrastructure Package PLUS (D) imposed restrictions at the beginning of the pandemic that caused a major setback from critics and Republicans in the state legislature.

Discontent with the measures increased when armed protesters gathered at the state Capitol in Lansing in 2020 to protest Whitmer’s stay-at-home order.

At a news conference Monday, Whitmer made his own call for unvaccinated Michigan residents to receive COVID-19 injections before the holidays.

“Take this opportunity to tell your loved ones how much you love them and how much you want to spend Christmas with them,” he said. The Detroit News. “It’s time to get vaccinated.”


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