SWU Ads Criticize Ben & Jerry’s Israel Boycott at Unilever Headquarters

The pro-Israel advocacy organization StandWithUs launched a campaign to detect and expose corporate anti-Semitism earlier this month, the most recent targeting Unilever in northern New Jersey.

Your campaign will use billboards, direct mail, and digital advertising to denounce any anti-Jewish intolerance. His most recent effort was putting up billboards near Unilever’s Englewood Cliffs headquarters. The messages on the billboards read “Don’t Let Ben & Jerry’s Melt Your Profits” and “Don’t Let Anti-Semitism Melt Your Brand” The New York Post reported Sunday.

The initial focus of the campaign is to educate businesses and consumers about Unilever and Ben and Jerry’s, whose decision to stop selling their ice cream in East Jerusalem and the West Bank made headlines in July.

The pro-Israel organization also launched a new website to combat anti-Jewish rhetoric spread by companies as part of the campaign. The website describes corporate anti-Semitism as “a corporation or business promotes or permits hatred and discrimination against the Jewish people individually or as a group.”

The website cites examples of corporate anti-Semitism such as Volkswagen, which as a German company established during the Nazi regime, used Jews for forced labor in its factories, operated four concentration camps and eight labor camps.

StandWithUs ad in The New York Post. (credit: STANDWITHUS)

The entire campaign will also use the IHRA’s definition of anti-Semitism as the standard if it is to consider whether corporate statements fall under discrimination.

“According to legal experts, Unilever can reverse this boycott of Israel, as they should. But until they do, the pressure will continue to mount in various ways, including possible financial loss,” said Roz Rothstein, CEO of StandWithUs. “An increasing number of people will find alternatives to buying ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s. It is surprising that Unilever is letting this go for so long, which could damage its brand.
“Corporations have immense power to shape public opinion and cultural norms, and it is crucial to hold them accountable when they promote or allow anti-Semitism,” Rothstein said as well, even writing. a letter last month, signed jointly by the Coalition for Israeli-American Action, with Unilever CEO Alan Jope, affirming that Unilever has the ability and the obligation to overturn Ben and Jerry’s decision.

The letter describes how neither Unilever nor its subsidiary company had mentioned how boycotting Israel would be “commercially reasonable” and notes that numerous states have initiated their own boycotts of Unilever as a result.


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