Spanberger asks Biden to name supply chain czar

Rep. Abigail spanbergerAbigail Davis Spanberger Republicans eager to take on Spanberger in Virginia Democrats sleepwalking toward electoral disaster in 2022 Build Back Better is a 21st Century New Deal MORE (D-Va.) He’s calling President BidenJoe BidenBiden will speak on the economy on Tuesday, with the Fed election looming, the NAACP chair calling Rittenhouse’s verdict ‘a warning shot that vigilante justice is allowed’ Optimistic Democrats as the bill from social spending goes to the Senate MORE appointing a supply chain czar to help coordinate a federal response to bottlenecks that are driving prices up across the country.

Spanberger, in a letter To Biden on Monday, he pointed to a surge in consumer demand, a shortage of workers and spikes in prices as reasons the position is needed.

“I urge you to designate a Supply Chain Czar responsible for coordinating a federal response to supply chain disruptions at all relevant agencies, working with state and local governments to address bottlenecks wherever they occur, and finding ways to strengthen supply chain resilience and US manufacturing at home, ”Spanberger wrote.

The letter comes as consumers across the country are grappling with high prices at gas stations and grocery stores, in part as a result of bottlenecks in the global supply chain.

Suppliers and retailers are struggling to keep up with consumer demand after laying off workers at the start of the pandemic. Demand recovered rapidly in recent months amid more federal aid and as more people got vaccinated against COVID-19.

Spanberger sounded the alarm about the worker shortage, stating that conditions have “further exacerbated the delay at ports and railways as there are not enough drivers to transport unloaded goods across the country.”

Concerns regarding bottlenecks are now mounting as the US heads into the holiday season, when consumer demand will increase even further.

In her letter to Biden, the Virginia Democrat said she is “deeply concerned” that high food prices could hurt families just beginning to recover from the pandemic. He noted that with Thanksgiving just days away, the price of a 10-person family holiday meal has risen to $ 53 this year, $ 6 more than in 2020.

Spanberger also raised concerns about prices for natural gas, electricity, and home heating oil as the US moves into the winter months, writing that current circumstances “may force some families to choose between heating and other essential elements such as medicines, food and others. utilities “.

Biden addressed supply chain shortages and rising inflation in comments earlier this month, saying his administration “has a plan to finish the job of getting us back to normal from the pandemic and having a stronger economy than never”.

The Labor Department released data earlier this month showing annual inflation has reached a 30-year high.

Spanberger in her letter said she was “encouraged” after Biden signed into law the bipartisan infrastructure bill, following months of negotiations between congressional legislators and White House officials.

The $ 1.2 trillion legislation includes investments in roads, bridges and railroads.

Spanberger made headlines earlier this month when he said The New York Times that Biden was chosen “to be normal and stop the chaos,” and not to be FDR, a reference to President Roosevelt and the New Deal policies of the 1930s after the Great Depression.

That comment came amid negotiations for the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the Democrats’ climate and social spending package, and after the party suffered a heavy defeat in the Virginia gubernatorial race during the free year.

The Hill reached out to the White House for comment.

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