New York prosecutors look at Trump Organization property valuations: report

New York prosecutors are reportedly investigating the Trump Organization’s property valuations after discovering that the company provided different estimates on various properties.

The Washington Post reported Monday, citing public records and people familiar with the matter, that the New York attorney general’s office and the Manhattan district attorney are examining the Trump Organization’s valuations of different properties across the country after discovering that the Estimates differed depending on who was requesting the information. .

In 2012, the Trump Organization said its office building at 40 Wall Street in Manhattan was worth $ 527 million, according to the Post, which would rank it as one of the most valuable properties in New York. However, a few months later, the company told property tax officials that the building was actually worth $ 16.7 million, according to city records cited by the Post.

That building and others are now under scrutiny by the New York attorney general and the Manhattan district attorney, the newspaper reported. They are reportedly looking to see if the company broke the law by telling property tax officials that their properties were worth less than they were or by using higher valuations in an effort to get tax breaks or impress lenders. .

The Post reported that prosecutors are specifically investigating former President TrumpDonald Trump Two Fox News Contributors Resigned Over Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6 Documentary Republican Senator: Decisions On Bills That Went Made Based On Whether They Hurt Or Help Trump Or Biden O’Rourke Will Not Say If He Wants Biden campaign for him in the Texas Senate race MOREat the California Golf Club, noting that the land was valued at $ 900,000 in one location and $ 25 million in another. A property in the suburbs of New York, which has valuations of $ 56 million to $ 291 million, is also being analyzed, according to the Post.

All ratings were reportedly provided in the five years before Trump won the White House in 2016.

The Manhattan district attorney declined to comment. The Hill has reached out to the New York attorney general’s office for comment.

‚ÄúThis is a total political witch hunt. New York is being invaded by violence, children are shot in Times Square, homelessness is through the roof, but the sole focus of the New York district attorney and attorney general is to ‘catch’ Trump, “he said a spokesperson for the Trump Organization to The Hill.

“This nonsense has been going on for four years. Like the Russia scam, millions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted and continue to be wasted, while New York burns. These investigators made a campaign promise to get Trump. it is disgusting and a sham for our legal system, “the spokesperson added.

Weisselberg, who has since resigned from the company, has pleaded not guilty to the 15 charges against him, which include tax fraud, conspiracy, grand theft and falsification of business records. Both he and the organization have denied wrongdoing.

The Post reported that prosecutors from the Manhattan district attorney’s office convened a grand jury that could vote on criminal charges on different property valuations, and New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) is considering filing a lawsuit.

Prosecutors are reportedly reviewing court documents, emails, planning documents and financial data. Additionally, they asked officials in Los Angeles for geological reports of the rock layers underneath Trump’s golf course, which has seen its valuation change due to landslides at the site, according to the Post.

The newspaper reported that officials have also attempted to obtain records from the appraisal firm and the law firm that worked with the Trump administration to come up with the appraisals. The firms did not respond to questions from the Post.

It is a crime to falsify business records, present false documents to the government, or make false statements on sworn documents in New York.

In the Empire State, however, those regulations require proof of intent, which means that prosecutors will have to show that people purposely made false statements to mislead someone or conceal a crime.

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