It’s not all about Palestine: opinion

With every perceived injustice that occurs to someone, particularly in the West, not far behind are anti-Israel activists waiting, ready to hijack each and every cause to do it themselves. From May Day to the Women’s March, Palestinian activists are seemingly unable to show genuine solidarity with anyone, instead twisting each and every cause to turn attention to themselves.

Last week turned out no different with the trial and acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse, an American teenager who was responsible for the death of two (white) men and the wounding of another (white) man amid the Black Lives Matter riots. in Kenosha. , Wisconsin.

The court ruled that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense on all charges and the jury found him not guilty. Those who did not agree with the verdict took to the streets and on social networks to affirm that it was a racial injustice because he is a white child and that a black child in the same situation would not have escaped under the same circumstances.

Leaving aside the hypothetical nature of this assumption (especially when there are actually concrete examples of racial injustice), it certainly has nothing to do with Palestine. However, that didn’t stop leftist writers like Mairav ​​Zonszein from spouting ridiculous nonsense with a tweet that read: “It’s Kyle Rittenhouse’s verdict almost every day here in Israel-Palestine.”

So far, it is not clear what he was referring to, given that many Palestinians do not even have criminal trials on the presumption of innocence in places like the Gaza Strip when they are charged with far less serious crimes, such as “Collaboration with Israel.” Instead, Hamas executes them.

Things are not much different in Ramallah under the Palestinian Authority, where critics of the government like Nizar Banat are beaten to death instead of having a fair trial with a jury of their peers, as Kyle Rittenhouse received.

Perhaps Zonszein was referring to Israel, which actually convicted one of its own soldiers for killing a Palestinian terrorist at the scene of the attack when the terrorist was already neutralized. The soldier later served a prison sentence for his act.

No matter how you look at it, the Rittenhouse case is not applicable. But anti-Israel activists are not concerned with reality when it comes to hijacking a cause.

In the protests that followed the Rittenhouse verdict, pro-Palestinian activists were filmed chanting for the destruction of the State of Israel and explicitly calling for an intifada.

This is the same phenomenon that we have seen in literally every protest, in every global problem, and in every example of racial injustice. Somehow, Jews or Israel always join in the most absurd way.

Several weeks ago, at the climate change conference, protesters in Glasgow raised Palestinian flags. The protesters held signs claiming that Palestine is a climate change problem.

Last month, anti-Israel activists allegedly concerned about LGBTQ rights, harassed the filmmakers for participating in the Tel Aviv LGBTQ film festival, which featured Israeli and Palestinian films, with no concern in the world that Palestinians neither they can even hold an LGBTQ movie. festival in the Palestinian territories.

Graffiti was seen following protests by Britney Spears over her controversial tutelage declaring “Free Britney + Palestine.” At the Scotland-Israel football match, protesters put up posters calling for the match to be canceled due to “Israeli apartheid”, regardless of the fact that almost half of the team is Arab. Fans of the match were even fined by FIFA for booing the Israeli national anthem.

Over the past month, anti-Israel activists have turned the Miss Universe pageant into a debate between Israel and Palestine by harassing and intimidating Miss South Africa and asking her not to participate because the pageant is taking place in Israel.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has nothing to do with the Women’s March, nothing to do with Black Lives Matter, nothing to do with climate change, with police brutality, with hate crimes against Asians, with Miss Universe , with Britney Spears, or with the Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict.

The cynical attempts to hijack the causes and turn them into Palestinians is simply tragedy tourism on the part of anti-Israel activists, not to mention disrespect for the causes they are hijacking. There is a difference between showing solidarity and using the publicity of another cause to promote your own propaganda.

These anti-Israel activists should not be greeted in spaces where they cannot show genuine solidarity; These cynical kidnappings show their true colors.

The writer is the CEO of Social Lite Creative.

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