Israel must back the Ethiopian democratic government: opinion

The historical relationship between Ethiopia and Israel dates back to biblical times. It is very common to hear Ethiopian elders routinely pray for the welfare of Israel in their morning prayers. We have deep historical and spiritual relationships between peoples.

Last year, Ethiopia went through difficult times. In light of the relations between the two countries, it is time for Israel to support Ethiopia.

I interviewed Mesfin Tegenu, chairman of the Ethiopian American Public Affairs Committee, who is working to bring together all Ethiopians in the diaspora in joint action to support Ethiopia by bringing the truth to the fore. Over the past few weeks, we have been witnessing a concerted media campaign against Ethiopia by well-known media outlets such as the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera (English), Reuters and the AP, among others. These media giants have been relentlessly circulating fake news about the situation in Ethiopia.

In the face of this violent and brutal campaign, Ethiopia needs the support of its old friends and allies, none more so than Israel. The two nations have a historical partnership and ties that transcend politics, based on cultural and spiritual heritage. Israel, as a friendly nation, remains a strong supporter of peace and stability in Ethiopia.

We believe that the relationship could be improved at this time. As Ethiopia is going through difficult times at the hands of an insurgent group whose focus is to destabilize the nation and commit illegal acts of violence, we Ethiopian Israelis believe that Israel must engage and support the legitimate and democratically elected government, not just providing the military. assistance when needed, but also political support at all levels.

Ethiopians attend a pro-government rally to denounce what the organizers say is the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the interference of Western countries in the country’s internal affairs, at Meskel Square in Addis Ababa, a earlier this week. (credit: Tiksa Negeri / Reuters)

In the context of the looming crisis, the loss of life and the types of crimes committed by terrorist forces are worrying. For us in Israel, it is disturbing to hear that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is working to end the Amhara people. The TPLF’s ongoing campaign of aggression not only threatens the stability of Ethiopia, but also threatens the lives of Ethiopian Jews in the region.

The TPLF has been attacking people in the adjacent Afar and Amhara regions since July. As verified by Amnesty International, many women were raped at gunpoint, people were assaulted and physically assaulted by TPLF fighters, who also destroyed and looted medical facilities and schools in these regions.

THE INTERNATIONAL community must condemn these criminal acts. Mesfin said Ethiopians have been suffering from terrorist attacks for more than a year. However, the international community still does not condemn the atrocities of the (TPLF), which began its reign of terror by attacking Ethiopian government forces and violence continues to this day.

Responding to calls from international partners, the Ethiopian government declared a ceasefire and withdrew forces from the region. On the other hand, the TPLF rejected the democratically elected government’s offer of a ceasefire and continues to commit what Amnesty International Secretary General Agnès Callamard described as “despicable acts … amounting to war crimes and potentially crimes of It hurts humanity”.

Earlier this month, Amnesty International released a report highlighting the testimony of 16 women from small towns in Ethiopia’s Amhara region. If this type of violence is allowed to spread further and those responsible are not brought to justice, more innocent lives will be harmed.

When there were reports of human rights abuses last year, there were calls from the US, the UN and the EU for an investigation into the perpetrators. The Ethiopian government agreed to a joint investigation by the UN Human Rights Office and the Ethiopian Human Rights Council. The report on the joint investigation was submitted to the UN and accepted by all major countries, including the UN and the EU.

It is time for all partners to support the cause of Ethiopia. Ethiopia needs Israel’s help to highlight the atrocities the TPLF is committing and call for punishment from the group’s leadership.

The international community seems to have forgotten that the TPLF was a brutal dictatorship that controlled Ethiopia with an iron fist for almost 28 years. Mesfin said that “if the US administration continues to pressure the Ethiopian government and fails to prevent the TPLF from destabilizing the country, there will be dire consequences.”

He also underscores his sincere hope that “Ethiopia’s historic allies, such as Israel, will help the country avoid this fate. It is time to stop them and consider specific sanctions against the TPLF leaders, many of whom have foreign assets and capital. ”

The people of Ethiopia and the diaspora around the world do not want to go back to those dark days. As noted by the chairman of the Ethiopian American Public Affairs Committee, “Many members of the Ethiopian diaspora want the TPLF to stop and a show of international support, particularly from a long-time ally, is vital to the Ethiopian government in this moment. ”

The writer is a social activist and owner of the Ethiopian-Israeli channel IETV, the only communication outlet of its kind for the Ethiopian community in Israel.

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