Holon Mediateque opens the first children’s cinematheque in Israel

The Children’s Cinematheque, the first cinema in Israel especially for children, was inaugurated on Sunday by the Holon Media Library and the Holon Municipality. It will be open to the public in early December.

The Children’s Cinematheque will offer a unique cinematic experience for children and the whole family that will include classic and contemporary films, international films from different countries that are not shown in commercial cinemas, silent films accompanied by live music, as well as new films and screenings of preview.

In addition, there will be special screenings on various topics, with movie clips that have been edited and adapted especially for children. The film screenings will be accompanied by a variety of film enrichment activities including an international children’s film festival, voice-over workshops, an animation workshop, a special effects workshop, a makeup workshop, and more.

Children (and their parents) can relax on the colorful sofas specially designed to watch with family or friends, eat popcorn that is sold for NIS 10 and watch movies on a large screen, with a state-of-the-art sound and projection system. . Tickets will run from NIS 25-32 and there are several packages available.

The Children’s Cinematheque is located within the Mediateca complex in Holon, an accessible and easily accessible complex with a large free parking lot. The former hall of the complex, which is shaped like a round egg, was completely dismantled and redesigned as a colorful and cozy 100-seat cinema. The new room was designed by architect Shaul Kenner, who specializes in designing entertainment centers and movie theaters.

The Holon Design Museum will offer free admission during the middle days of Easter (credit: ELAD SARIG)

The Children’s Cinematheque will be a key part of the Meditatheque, Holon’s multidisciplinary cultural complex, and will join the cultural institutions that operate in it, including the Holon Cinematheque, the Meditatheque Theater for Children and Youth, the Holon Design Museum. , the Israeli Theater. Museum of Cartoons and Comics, Center for Digital Art and Network of Libraries and Knowledge.

Early shows will feature a tribute to Disney movies, including the original classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella and The Jungle Book. The programs that will take place during Hanukkah include meetings with Israeli animators, who will teach their techniques to the children.


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