CNN broadcasts live images of its reports on the censorship of the tennis star in China

CNN broadcast live US footage of the network being censored by Chinese officials as its journalists reported on the case of Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai to its audience.

“I want to explain to our viewers what is happening on our screen right now,” John Berman, host of New Day, said Monday during a segment on Peng.

“You can see a real live feed of this broadcast in China, but it’s all the colored bars and they went to the colored bars the moment he started speaking,” Berman told correspondent Will Ripley.

“I’ve lost count of how many times in the last eight years in Asia covering China how many times CNN’s coverage of controversial issues has been censored,” Ripley replied. “It used to go pure black, now they have been upgraded to color bars, but nonetheless, it is a live, real-time example of the censorship that is happening on the continent.”

Peng apparently disappeared earlier this month after accusing a senior Chinese official of sexual assault. Conversations about his allegations were reportedly blocked on China’s internet and much of his online presence appeared to have been erased.

She resurfaced this week, with the organizer of a tennis tournament in Beijing posting photos of Peng.

“They remove Peng Shuai from the Internet,” Ripley confirmed. “They are certainly not talking about this on television and even on international networks, they have an army of censors, waiting to press that button the moment we start talking about this story.”

Peng’s case has galvanized the international community, with several foreign leaders and President BidenJoe BidenBiden will speak on the economy on Tuesday, with the Fed election looming, the NAACP chair calling Rittenhouse’s verdict ‘a warning shot that vigilante justice is allowed’ Optimistic Democrats as the bill from social spending goes to the Senate MORE demanding an investigation into the tennis star’s apparent disappearance.

“I want to make clear what the position of the United States is,” said the White House press secretary. Jen psakiJen PsakiEconomist Advises Americans to ‘Wait’ for Non-Urgent Purchases Amid Supply Chain Crisis Democrats Frustrated Over Government-Wide Vacancies White House Calls for Investigation into Tennis Star’s Sexual Assault Allegations Chinese disappeared MORE said. “Any report of sexual assault must be investigated, and we support a woman’s ability to speak out and seek accountability, whether here or around the world.”

CNN reported a series of photos alleged to be from Peng were published by Chinese government officials on state-sanctioned television.

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) said on Monday that a recent video call between Peng and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) did not fully address her concerns about her well-being.

Lawmakers from both parties on Capitol Hill and other critics on social media voiced outrage at the apparent censorship of CNN by Chinese officials.

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