Trump Administration Surgeon General Predicts COVID-19 ‘Winter Rise’

Former Surgeon General Jerome adamsJerome AdamsOvernight Health Care – Biden urges parents to vaccinate children Trump’s surgeon general says he plans to vaccinate 11-year-old as soon as possible Former surgeon general Jerome Adams to lead health equity initiatives at Purdue University MORE predicted there would be a “winter surge” in COVID-19 cases just as families hope to reconvene Christmas gatherings in the coming weeks.

“It’s no longer about whether we’re going to have a winter raise, it’s how bad it’s going to be,” he told Greta Van Susteren in an interview that will air Sunday.

He argued that people had become “complacent” during the pandemic and warned Americans to be careful about the upcoming Christmas season.

“I am using home tests. I was able to go and do several home tests and the people who come to my house are going to be vaccinated and reinforced. And if they don’t, I’ll give them a quick test before they come in to make sure we’re doing everything we can to be able to meet safely, ”Adams said.

Adams pointed to COVID-19 testing as a continuing “deficit” in managing the pandemic, and suggested that better governance in that area would be essential to control the virus in the future.

“We still don’t have a national testing strategy that I’ve seen articulated. And I don’t mean this to upset the new administration,” he said. “I mean we really need, if we’re going to live with this virus, if we’re going to go from pandemic to endemic, have a well-communicated, well-agreed, and easily accessible national testing strategy so that we can quickly identify cases and contain them. “.

Van Susteren asked Adams how he would respond to those who are considering looking for a COVID-19 antiviral pill as an alternative to vaccines. Both Merck and Pfizer have announced that they are seeking clearance from the Food and Drug Administration for oral COVID-19 treatments.

“I’m very excited about oral antivirals, but here are the caveats: Number one, antivirals are worth nothing if you don’t get tested,” Adams said, adding that “if you can’t get tested, then you can.” that they treat me “.

“Number two, we prefer to prevent disease. This is public health. This is Medicine 101. I’d rather prevent you from getting cancer than treat your cancer. I’d rather prevent her from having diabetes than treat her diabetes with insulin, ”Adams said.

He continued: “And we would rather prevent you from getting COVID in the first place than allow you to get COVID in the hope that you are in that percentage of people who get tested on time, get the pill on time. And who does the pill work for? That’s a lot of if they have to happen for that to be successful. “

The interview comes weeks after children as young as 5 were eligible to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, and in the midst of an increase in COVID-19 cases in the US Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed earlier this week that the number of cases had risen 27 percent over the previous three weeks.

About 69 percent of the U.S. population is at least partially vaccinated and 59 percent are fully vaccinated, according to the CDC. data.

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