Austria’s vaccine mandate changes the rules for the rest of the world

No matter how you feel about Austria’s decision to require COVID-19 vaccines for its entire adult population, it is highly unlikely that this outright change in the battle against the pandemic will not reach Israel’s shores eventually.

The definition of “fully vaccinated” has changed over the past year. Now, only those who received a booster vaccine or have recovered from the pathogen and then received two doses of the vaccine are entitled to this classification.

With this in mind, a vaccination rate of 70% to 80% among those over 16 years of age is imperative if we are to fully combat the virus.

While Austria is one of the first nations to implement such extreme measures, Israel has already adopted a similar policy when it made the Green Pass conditional on receiving the booster injection.

However, lax policing of politics is making Israelis increasingly indifferent to the blow that saved their lives.

Only 43% of the population and 60% of those over 16 years of age had received their third vaccination so far.

This means that there are still more than 2.5 million Israelis who are at risk of contracting COVID, becoming seriously ill and dying.

As for the younger age groups, the original two-dose regimen is still sufficient, considering the short period of time that passed since the vaccine was approved for adolescents, but scientists say that here too the protection of the vaccine it will decrease and make booster shots for children almost unavoidable. .

Judging from the increasing morbidity of the last two weeks, it appears that our leaders in Jerusalem have rested on their laurels after reducing the infection rate to less than 0.6% and the number of the virus reproducing, which measures how many people infects a single patient. – up to 0.7.

But instead of putting more pressure on those still hesitant to get the booster, let alone get the first two shots, the state opted for a more public relations-oriented course of action: ditch the stick and try to persuade the public alone. gently and cordially. words.

The best and brightest medical minds in the country reached the country’s television channels and radio stations, explaining the benefits of the vaccine in very good detail, dispelling rumors and debunking lies, but they always sealed their comments saying that it is everyone’s right. person choose whether to vaccinate their children and themselves.

But is it now? Just as drivers cannot choose to drive without a seatbelt or seat their children in protective car seats, no citizen should have the option of becoming infected, exposing their children to infection, infecting others, and maintaining this cruel economic cycle. , social and economic. the health turmoil of the past two years.

As stated above, only about 40% of Israelis have received their booster dose so far. While it may seem relatively low, Israel still boasts one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, and only Chile comes close to those numbers.

In the United Arab Emirates, only 29% of the population had received a booster vaccine, 20% in the United Kingdom, 10% in Austria and the United States, 7.2% in France, 7% in Spain, 6% in Italy, 5.7% in Germany, 2% in Russia and only 5.3% in the entire EU.

It’s no wonder that with booster vaccination rates so low, many of these countries are experiencing renewed and fierce outbreaks.

Many health officials around the world are now realizing their error in judgment in not approving the third shot months ago as encouraging data began to flow from Israel on the effectiveness of the shot.

Barring a magic bullet, more and more countries are likely to turn to the Austrian model: compulsory vaccination for the entire adult population.

Democracies have grown tired of paying an endless social, health and economic toll that they are forced to pay due to an irrational minority that denies scientific facts and their moral duty to others.

Democracy is based on a social contract, but this contract expires when people choose to exercise their inalienable right to spread the virus for selfish reasons.

This is like sanctioning anarchy, after which “the savior” can come in the form of fascism.

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