Rittenhouse’s defense attorney says he threw Tucker Carlson’s film crew ‘out of the room multiple times’

Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense attorney, Mark Richards, said Friday that he released the Fox News anchor Tucker carlsonTucker Carlson Tucker Carlson Gets Rittenhouse Interview For Monday Night Murdoch Asks Trump To Move On: ‘Past Is Past’ MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace & Chris Christie Fight Over Fox News MOREThe team “left the room several times” while filming images for a documentary about the teenager during his trial.

On Friday, Fox News announced a “Tucker Carlson Originals “ Documentary airing on Fox Nation in December that will include behind-the-scenes footage of Rittenhouse’s defense team during their trial and additional clips from an interview Carlson will have with Rittenhouse on Monday.

In an interview with CNN Chris cuomoChris Cuomo Former ‘Rust’ Chamber Chief Says Gunsmith Attorney’s Claim of Sabotage Is ‘Dangerous’ Katie Couric: CNN Shouldn’t Have Let Chris Cuomo ‘Help’ Him With His Brother Andrew During The Pandemic Democrats Ignore Risks Of reduce spending package MORE, Richards detailed the decision to have a film crew follow the defense team during the 18-year-old’s murder trial.

Rittenhouse was acquitted of five charges related to the shooting death of two protesters and the wounding of a third person at a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year. Civil unrest broke out in August 2020 in Kenosha after the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man, whose injuries left him paralyzed after the incident.

Richards told Cuomo Friday night that the film crew was a “definite distraction” and said he “didn’t approve of it.” He added that he threw the crew members “out of the room several times” during the process.

“I don’t think a film crew is appropriate for something like this, but the people who raise the money to pay the experts and pay the lawyers were trying to raise money and that was part of that,” he said, noting. it would be inappropriate for any medium, not just Fox News.

“I didn’t approve, but I’m not always the boss,” Richards added.

Richards said the money for the attorneys was “collectively funded” and the people with the final decision on the film crew were Rittenhouse’s family and adviser.

“I had a chat with Kyle. All I can say is what I say. Kyle will have some tough decisions in his life about the direction he’s going and what he stands for. Those will have to be done by Kyle, eventually. As Cory and I told him yesterday while we waited for the verdict, he needs to learn how to take responsibility and tell people no, “said Richards.

In a preview of the documentary footage, Rittenhouse can be seen talking about his feelings after the jury unanimously found him not guilty on all charges, including intentional murder.

“Self-defense is not illegal,” Rittenhouse says from the back seat of a car.

The Hill has contacted Fox News for comment.


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