Wisconsin Governor vetoes redistribution of maps, calling them ‘gerrymandering 2.0’

The Governor of Wisconsin. Tony eversTony Evers500 Wisconsin National Guard members on hold as Rittenhouse trial comes to an end Bloomberg vows to spend $ 0 million to combat fatal drug overdoses A new approach to fighting America’s opioid epidemic MORE (D) vetoed a pair of GOP-backed redistricting maps on Thursday, calling them “gerrymandering 2.0.”

Evers’ veto of the maps, which he promised to do last week if the state legislature sent them to his desk for signature, is the first rejection of the redistribution of maps this year, according to Cook Political Report.

Republicans don’t have enough support in the legislature to override the veto, sending the battle over the maps to court.

The maps, which were drawn by Republicans, would have given the Republican Party a four-seat majority in the eight-district state, effectively solidifying Republican control over the next decade.

Both the state Senate and the Assembly, controlled by the Republican Party, approved the pair of maps along party lines and sent them to Evers’ desk. However, before the Assembly gave the green light to the bills, the governor said he would reject the new lines.

Democrats proposed a separate set of maps last week, which would have given the party a 17-16 majority in the Senate, but it failed in a vote mostly along party lines, plus a couple of maps. which were drawn by an established commission. by Evers.

On Thursday, Evers delivered on that promise, saying in a video message that he was rejecting the maps because they were “manipulated maps modeled after the same manipulated maps we’ve had for a decade,” calling them “manipulation 2.0.”

Elected officials shouldn’t be able to depend on the comfort of their seats rather than the quality of their work, and the rigged maps that Republicans approved a decade ago have allowed lawmakers to safely ignore the people who elected them. And these maps here are more of the same. They are manipulating technology 2.0, ”Evers said.

“It was about elected officials having the courage to do the right thing when it mattered most. And the members of this Legislature did not comply. So, with that, I now veto SB 621 and SB 622. These manipulated maps will not become law, “he added.

The state Supreme Court will now preside over the next steps in the redistricting process. The court released a memorandum on Wednesday, published by Wisconsin Public Radio, which outlined the key days for the case, with a possible hearing in process for mid-January. Wisconsin Public Radio published a copy of the memo.

The Conservatives have a 4-3 majority on the state bank, according to Wisconsin Public Radio.

Separate litigation regarding the maps drawn by the Republican Party, filed by the Democrats, is still pending, but the three-judge panel overseeing that case has said the proceedings will be on hold until the state court finishes investigating the case, according to The Associated Press.

The governor said Thursday that he was “keeping that promise” that he would never sign tampered maps that landed on his desk, arguing that “this is too important.”

“Our state deserves better and we will continue to work while I am governor to bring fair maps to Wisconsin,” he added.


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