Mymax launches the MX 100 gamer table to tweak your setup

With the growing demand for gamer chairs, Mymax presented the public with a new solution to make their setup even more comfortable with the launch of its first Gamer Table, the MX 100!

Designed to please both professional gamers and the casual audience, it includes cupholders and headsets, and looks even better with an RGB LED side extender with 6 color modes and 80cm mousepad. Its structure is made of carbon steel and the top coated in carbon fiber textures.

Mymax’s MX 100 gamer table supports both cup and headset, as shown in the picture.Source: Mymax

William Flor, the company’s Product Manager, also remembers that “the MX100 is also suitable for those who are setting up the home office environment, as it has adjustable feet, where they level with the surface”, which also ends up being very useful.

According to Sandro Hilla, Mymax’s Director of Products and Marketing, “with the arrival of the Gamer MX100 Desk, the Gamer Mymax line is complete, as it already had a Chair, Cabinet, Keyboard, Mouse and Headset”.

What did you think of this product? Thinking about buying a gamer table or chair during Black Friday 2021? Let us know in the comments below!

13% off

Image: Mesa Gamer MX 100, Mymax

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Gamer MX100 table, Myamax’s first gamer table, in carbon with cup holder support.

R$ 999,00

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