State Democratic Group Joins Federal Lawmakers to Pick Negative-voting Candidates

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee announced Wednesday that it was forming a “federal advisory council” with eight Democratic federal legislators in an effort to select the party’s candidates on the ballot.

Congressional Democrats on the ballot include Representatives. Norma TorresNorma Judith Torres Pelosi vows to bring infrastructure to a vote Thursday Lack of confidence shatters Democratic efforts to reach a deal Democrats say Republican lawmakers implicated Jan.6 should be ousted MORE (California), Katie Porter (California), Cindy axneCindy AxneAxne opts against running for governor, will run for re-election in House One. Congressional committee is rejecting partisanship to protect state votes. (Iowa), Steven HorsfordSteven Alexander Horsford Abortion rights group backing 12 House Democrats Professional boxer launches campaign for Nevada Democratic seat in the United States House of Representatives Black Caucus emerges as winner in package of expenses PLUS (Nevada.), Grace mengGrace Meng Democrats say Republican lawmakers implicated on January 6 should be ousted. Evacuation flights from Afghanistan resume after a hiatus. House Democrats include immigration priorities as they advance the DHS funding bill. (New York), Brendan Boyle (Pennsylvania), Dwight evansDwight (Dewey) Evans Key panel Democrats offer solar tax incentive bill Now is Pelosi’s measure on bipartisan highway bill Group launches first national ad campaign to celebrate America’s 250th anniversary MORE (Penn.), And Derek KilmerDerek Christian Kilmer Democrats fear Virginia is the precursor to the beating in the House Progressives applaud, moderates complain as Biden’s visit culminates chaotic week Democratic factions rush in, threatening the fate of the infrastructure vote MORE (To wash.).

“At a time when Republicans are using their majorities to pass restrictive voter suppression laws, dangerous abortion bans, and spending taxpayer money to re-start a long-established election, the importance of state legislatures it has come to the fore, “council members said in a collective statement.

The news comes after Democrats running in the Virginia House of Delegates elections suffered a series of losses in out-of-year state elections earlier this month.

Republicans currently lead with control over 52 districts, while Democrats have 48 and two races are heading for the recount. The recounts will likely determine whether control of the chamber will be divided or whether Republicans will have a majority.

The Republican State Leadership Committee touted its association with America Rising, a national Republican organization, in part because of its victories in Virginia. The two groups worked together specifically for the first time to track a series of Democratic state delegate candidates across the Commonwealth.

Heading into 2022, Democrats say they face headwinds in state legislative races. The Republican Party currently controls 54 percent of the state legislative seats in the United States, while the Democrats control 45 percent of the seats.

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