Noem’s daughter will hand over the real estate appraiser’s license amid scrutiny

Kassidy Peters, daughter of the Governor of South Dakota. Kristi noemKristi Lynn NoemNoem Formally Launches Re-election Campaign South Dakota Official Says Meeting With Noem Had No Effect On Daughter’s Application South Dakota Republican Legislators Summon Two Employees For Noem Investigation MORE (R), announced Tuesday that she will give up her real estate appraiser license and leave the industry by the end of 2021 amid persistent scrutiny over whether her mother stepped in to help her get the license.

Peters insisted in a letter sent to the South Dakota Department of Labor on Tuesday that neither she nor Noem had committed any crimes, but that the controversy had taken a substantial toll on their business.

“I have thought a lot about what is best for me, my business, and most importantly my family. All the research and pressure from the media have done irreparable damage to my business,” Peters wrote in the letter, referencing to a legislative inquiry into the circumstances surrounding your license.

“I am angry and I can admit that this has successfully destroyed my business. My business is finished and the years I spent working towards my license are nothing. So I have decided that I will no longer accept new appraisal orders and will finish the few pending orders that I have. I will plan to surrender my license and dissolve my business before the end of the year. ”

Peters suggested in the letter, which was shared on Twitter by her husband, that she was under such scrutiny because she is Noem’s daughter.

“I know that as the governor’s daughter I will always be in the public eye,” she wrote. “I cannot stop these attacks, but I can choose whether to continue to be hurt by the consequences.”

Noem, who is widely seen as considering a presidential campaign in 2024, has come under fire after it was revealed that she met in 2020 with the head of the state agency who decided to deny her daughter a real estate appraiser’s certification.

The legislative investigation has specifically examined whether Noem improperly used her governor status to help Peters apply for an appraiser’s license. The meeting included both Peters and Sherry Bren, who runs the state’s appraiser certification program, and South Dakota Secretary of Labor Marcia Hultman.

Peters later obtained a license, but Noem insisted that he was not granted any special privileges.

“There is a lot of speculation and innuendo in the media and I wanted to take a second to set the record straight. Not once did I ask for special treatment for Kassidy, ”Noem said in a video posted last month. “She is my daughter and I am proud of her. I raised her to accomplish things on her own, just like my parents raised me. “

“The media are ignoring these facts,” he added. “They prefer to attack my daughter to score cheap political points against me. But I’m not focused on that, I’m focused on making it easier for South Dakota youth to enter this field and that will make it easier for South Dakotans to buy a home. “

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