5 things moms can do to stay calm when parenting gets tough

Responsibilities, vacations, sick days, growth spurts, and life itself. All of this can push any mother to the limit. Right before you lose your mind, read our tips to help you relax.

Motherhood equals difficult times. The weight of responsibility, children getting sick, days off from school, challenging stages of child development, and life itself. All of this can push any mother, even the calmest or most laid-back, to the limit.

At times like these, you feel like you don’t have the tools to handle the situation, you are nervous for your child or your spouse, and even though you promised yourself that this time you would stay calm, it doesn’t really work. .

Lidor Tamir Stone instructs mothers in mindfulness techniques to help them be attentive and mindful parents. She offers some tips to help you bring more calm into your life, even when it’s difficult, so that you can function calmly and attentively and not be in constant survival mode when responding to challenging moments.

1 – Start the morning calmly

The way you plan your day affects your pace. Take a few minutes for yourself and start your morning routine quietly. Even if that means getting up a little earlier than everyone else, it’s worth it. If you connect to meditation, you can incorporate it into your morning routine.

2 – Turn off the autopilot when reacting to situations

The child does something that pushes your buttons and you respond directly without thinking about why it bothers you, what really bothers you, etc. If you pause for a moment, at the automatic response, and manage to look at the situation with objective eyes, you will usually be able to react more calmly.

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3 – Breathe

By proactively taking a few minutes to stop and focus on your breathing, you will feel more relaxed throughout the day and respond with a little less anger. You can count 10 inhalations from the nose and exhalations from the mouth. Simply stopping and focusing on your breathing will help you relax.

4 – make sure you do the things you love

Moms tend to come after everyone else. Find time for yourself too, incorporate the things you love and enjoy doing into your day, even if it’s just a 15-minute cup of coffee while reading your messages.

5 – Show compassion

Finally, show compassion for yourself. Try to reduce the feelings of guilt and pangs of conscience that accompany you every day as mothers. Be less critical and judgmental (not easy though) and kinder to yourself.


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