US Senate Candidate Defends Calling Attention To Opponent’s ‘Judaism’ In Ad

A US Senate candidate in Ohio posted an ad mentioning the Judaism of his opponent Josh Mandel and defended the place in a candidates forum Thursday night.

Mark Pukita, a businessman who is one of several candidates vying for the Republican nomination in a packed primary to replace retired Senator Rob Portman, launched the radio ad in October. Highlights Mandel’s courtship of evangelical voters promoting “Christian values.”

“Are we seriously supposed to believe that the majority of the Senate candidate’s Christian values ​​are Jews? I’m so sick of these fake cartoons, ”says a voice in the ad.

Mandel, who emphasized his Judaism in his 2012 Ohio Senate bid, has moved further to the right in his current campaign and has repeatedly pointed to his “Judeo-Christian values” in an attempt to attract evangelical voters. The home page of Mandel’s campaign website features an image of a church steeple crowned with a cross and declares that Mandel is “Pro-God.”

Josh Mandel during his service as a Marine in Iraq 390 (credit: Josh Mandel’s Citizens)

When asked by a moderator on a campaign forum Thursday night to respond to claims that he is “anti-Semitic and intentionally divisive and inflammatory,” Pukita defended the ad.

“In terms of anti-Semitism, all I did in one ad was point out that Josh is saying he has the Bible in one hand and the constitution in the other. But he is Jewish, ”he said, according to Politico. “Everyone should know that, right?”

Mandel appeared to respond to Pukita in a tweet on Friday.

“Opponents attack me because I am a proud American and a proud Jew. Liberals attack me because I am fighting to protect Judeo-Christian values, ”Mandel said in a cheep.

The “Judeo-Christian ethic is separate from Islam and atheism and all these other beliefs are established on many levels, but one of the main levels is our recognition of good versus evil,” Mandel said in a recent debate.

In 2010, Mandel posted and later launched an ad hinting that his black political opponent was Muslim.

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