Netanyahu Appears in Jerusalem Court Ahead of Former Attendant’s Testimony

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a rare appearance in court Tuesday at the start of a hearing that was supposed to include the start of testimony from Nir Hefetz, a star witness for the state prosecutor’s office.

Hefetz, a former Netanyahu aide, was expected to begin his testimony Tuesday morning against the former prime minister.

Some experts call Hefetz the most critical witness at the trial because he is one of only two witnesses who can link Netanyahu to the alleged media bribery charges for Case 4000, the Bezeq-Walla case.

Shlomo Filber, the other witness and another former senior aide to Netanyahu, will primarily provide a narrative only on the Ministry of Communications side of the matter, while Hefetz can connect the dots on both the ministry side and Walla’s media side. .

There was a last-minute twist on Monday afternoon, when the defense asked the court to postpone Hefetz’s testimony a week after the prosecution revealed it had compiled a surprising new testimony from the 1000 case witness, Hadas Klein.

The prosecution said that Klein approached them in mid-October with new evidence against Netanyahu, which according to various media reports was related to jewelry worth tens of thousands of shekels that Sara Netanyahu requested from Klein’s boss, billionaire Arnon. Milchan and billionaire James Packer.

Opposition chief Benjamin Netanyahu at the Knesset on November 8, 2021 (credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM / THE JERUSALEM POST)

Netanyahu’s spokesman rejected the new allegations as inaccurate and said his lawyers filed a motion in court against the prosecution and law enforcement for alleged improper leaks to the media.

Because Klein’s testimony relates to the illegal gifts issue (Case 1000) and not Case 4000, it is possible that the court would proceed with Hefetz as planned, but the justices said they would give the defense the defense. opportunity to argue the matter Tuesday morning.

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