Microsoft launches Windows 10 21H2: see what changes in the update

Starting its transition to the annual updates plan, Microsoft released this Tuesday (16) version 21H2 of Windows 10. Without many significant changes or new features, other than the addition of GPU Computing Support in the Windows Subsystem for Linux ( WSL), the novelty has a strong focus on improving the stability and overall performance of the system.

The “low impact” of the 21H2 update can be explained in the development focus recently turned to Windows 11, indicating that the platform is approaching its final phase after six years of market. With Microsoft’s new release plan, Windows 10 should only receive its next version in the second half of next year, totaling up to three more updates with new features until its official support expires in 2025.

Microsoft’s Head of Windows Maintenance and Delivery, John Cable, explains the change: “We will transition to a new Windows 10 release cadence to align with Windows 11 cadence for annual feature update releases.” Despite the extension in the development time of the platforms, it is likely that the next versions of Windows 10 will have discreet and technical changes, as well as the recently released one.

Screen with “21H2” update on Windows 10. (Source: Bleeping Computer / Playback)Source: Bleeping Computer


According to Microsoft, the 21H2 version is being released in stages, arriving first for users who tend to “search” for news and are operating at least Windows 10 in the 2004 build or higher. So, depending on eligibility, simply go to Windows Update, check for new updates available, and proceed with the installation process.

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