Meadows ‘between a rock and a hard place’ with Trump, Jan. 6 panel

Trump White House chief of staff Mark MeadowsMark MeadowsMeadows Is The Subject Of Increasing Attention In Jan.6 Upton Panel: When Witnesses Ignore Subpoenas, ‘You Don’t Really Have An Equal Branch Of Government’ Former Trump Administration Aide Says She Was Warned About Playing Taylor Swift Music in the White House MORE said Monday that the former president’s battle to block cooperation with the Jan.6 investigators has put him “between a rock and a hard space ”as he risks possible criminal charges for defying a subpoena from Congress.

Meadows made the comments to the former President TrumpDonald Trump Stoltenberg Says The Jan. 6 Siege Was An Attack On “ NATO Core Values ​​” Christie Says Her Only Regret About Preparing Trump’s Debate Is Catching The COVID Woman Who Invaded The Sea- a-Lake Trump deported to China MOREeconomic guru and current Fox Business host Larry KudlowLarry Kudlow MORE the same day that Steve BannonStephen (Steve) Kevin BannonStoltenberg says the January 6 siege was an attack on the “ core values ​​of NATO. ” Meadows is under increasing attention in the Jan. 6 panel., another former Trump aide in the White House, turned himself in to federal authorities after being accused of failing to comply with his own House subpoena.

Trump has tried to claim executive privilege to prevent his former aides from releasing documents or giving testimony to the select committee investigating the Jan.6 attack on Capitol Hill.

“He has exercised, and rightly so, his executive privilege. And it’s not up to me to give it up. And it put me between a rock and a hard place, ”Meadows said.

The committee has argued that Trump does not have the ability to claim such a privilege, as the ability to withhold documents and testimony from Congress rests solely with the incumbent president.

Meadows did not appear for a deposition last Friday after more than a month of “participating” with the committee.

Like Bannon, he now faces possible criminal charges, a process that would begin with a committee vote before the House floor to refer him to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution.

Bannon was indicted by a federal grand jury on Friday and now faces up to two years in prison and a $ 200,000 fine on two counts of contempt of Congress.

Meadows, who has been largely silent since being summoned, seemed to seem hopeful to reach an “accommodation” with the committee.

“You and I know that no one in the west wing was aware that something like what happened on January 6 was going to happen,” he told Kudlow.

“And I can say that without getting into private conversations. And I … I want to make sure I don’t comment too much on the facts of the matter. These are complex legal issues that I will hopefully leave the attorneys to resolve in a spirit of accommodation. “

Meadows, however, is not just being cited for any knowledge he may have about a possible attack on the Capitol.

His subpoenas, as well as others for his close associates, show interest in his participation in Trump’s lobbying campaign to get the Justice Department to intervene in the elections; his specific actions in Georgia when Trump pressured the secretary of state there to “find” more votes; and his coordination with various rally planners before 6 January.

A statement from the House committee after Meadows failed to appear said it has declined even to indicate whether he used a personal cell phone on Jan.6 and how lawmakers could retrieve his text messages.

He also noted that a contempt report prepared for the House would entail the release of Meadow’s full subpoena, indicating details and lines of investigation that are not yet known.

“Sir. Meadows’ actions today, in choosing to challenge the law, will force the Select Committee to consider initiating contempt or other proceedings to enforce the subpoena. If your challenge persists and that process moves forward, the record will reveal the wide range of issues that the Select Committee wished to discuss with Mr. Meadows up until his decision to hide behind the former president’s false claims of privilege ”, President Bennie thompsonBennie Gordon ThompsonMeadows is the subject of increasing attention in the January 6 panel Fight for the January 6 subpoena may put Trump’s judicial tactic of ticking the clock to the test The January 6 investigation threatens the fragile peace between Trump and Pence MORE (D-Miss.) He said on Friday.

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