Essence Group wins double CES 2022 innovation award

Herzliya-based Essence Group has announced that it has been named the recipient of the CES® 2022 Innovation Awards for two of its recent developments: the comprehensive MyShield 5G connected intrusion prevention system and the remote patient monitoring platform without VitalOn interruptions.

The announcement came ahead of CES 2022, the world’s most influential tech event, which will take place January 5-8 in Las Vegas, NV.

The MyShield smoke-generating intrusion intervention solution is the first all-in-one system that can be used as a standalone device connected to 5G CAT-M networks or integrated into existing security systems.

Intrusion Prevention Solution (Credit: Courtesy)

It includes a passive infrared motion detector, a high definition video camera for intruder verification, two-way voice communication, and a proprietary smoke generator that fills a room with disorienting but harmless smoke to drive intruders out of the premises.

“Essence is committed to introducing advanced and reliable intrusion deterrence solutions that enable people to take greater control of the protection of their families, homes and businesses. This product is the first in a series of innovative security devices that aim to change the paradigm of security provision, from detection and alert to deterrence and intervention, ”said Dr. Haim Amir, CEO and Founder. of Essence Group.

VitalOn is a comprehensive remote patient monitoring platform for seniors and people living with chronic conditions. Combining telecare, telehealth and wellness capabilities in a single connected platform that is always on, it provides 24-hour monitoring for a wide range of aging-related issues and chronic conditions.

The platform continuously monitors wellness parameters and vital signs from multiple health and monitoring devices to detect and alert in the event of abnormal activity. Address a variety of medical conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, and congestive heart failure, without the need to rely on smartphone or tablet apps.

Essence Group is a global technology solutions provider, leader in the fields of security, smart home and digital health, active in 46 countries around the world, and produces more than 15 million products each year, made in Israel, that are implemented all over the world. Most of the production takes place in the city of Ofakim, in southern Israel. Its products are manufactured by about 1,000 workers, including 100 people with disabilities from rehabilitation centers in the south of the country.

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