Three Palestinians injured during clashes with settlers: report

Palestinians and settlers clashed at the site of the former West Bank settlement of Homesh on Monday, in an incident that left three Palestinians injured.

Both Palestinians and settlers at the site claimed they were the victims and not the perpetrators of the violence, which they warned was so serious that it could have resulted in the deaths of those involved.

Israelis and Palestinians clash at Homesh in the West Bank, on November 15, 2021. (Credit: Yesh Din)

The left-wing Yesh Din group claimed that settlers attacked 15 Palestinians as they tried to access their farmland on the top of Homesh Hill.

The Samaria Regional Council argued that the violence started when a yeshiva student passed Palestinian vehicles on his way to the small modular seminary on site and was attacked by Palestinians.

Both the Samaria Regional Council and Yesh Din provided video of the incident, but none of the short clips provided a clear narrative of the events.

Visitors walk by the water tower in the ruins of the evacuated Homesh settlement on August 27, 2019. Homesh was one of four West Bank settlements that Israel evacuated during the pullout. (credit: HILLEL MAEIR / FLASH90)

“We felt we were in grave danger and we had a feeling that we might not get out of there alive,” said a Yesh Din field worker. “A group of people were chasing us and I heard one of them shoot into the air. It makes you feel scared all over your body. “

Samaria Regional Council Director Yossi Dagan said Homesh students “survived by a miracle.”

The army said it responded to a violent incident between settlers and Palestinians in Homesh, that both groups had thrown stones and that settlers had fired into the air.

Homesh is one of four settlements in northern Samaria that the IDF destroyed in 2005, at the same time as the withdrawal from Gaza. Right-wing politicians and activists have long argued that Israel should rebuild the four settlements that also included Sa-Nur, Ganim and Kadim.

Right-wing activists have made multiple illegal attempts to resettle Homesh and Sa-Nur, all of which the IDF has thwarted. A small modular yeshiva has also existed on the site for the past 16 years. The IDF has periodically evacuated him.

Since the demolition in 2005, Palestinians have made multiple attempts to cultivate the top of the hill on which the Homesh settlement stood. The land belonged to the Palestinian village of Burka, and the High Court of Justice upheld the Palestinians’ right to farm that land, but the security forces have not ensured that they can do so safely.

Supreme Court Justice Esther Hayut reiterated that position last month.

“Given the current situation, [the Palestinians] they have the right to access their land, ”Hayut said, adding that this has not happened before and that they have not been given sufficient protection.

Yesh Din said that when Palestinian farmers made their way to their land on Monday, “some 15 settlers charged at them while throwing stones at them and armed with clubs. The settlers managed to catch one of the Palestinians. They brutally beat him with sticks and stones and sprayed him with pepper spray. Two more Palestinians were injured by stones while trying to escape. “

He added that three Palestinian vehicles were also damaged by the settlers’ stone-throwing.

“Eventually the Palestinians returned to rescue their trapped comrade and together they left the scene,” Yesh Din said. “According to eyewitnesses, at least one settler fired live bullets” and that three Palestinians were treated at the Rafidiya Hospital in Nablus.

According to Homesh Yeshiva CEO Shmuel Wendy, “At 11:05 am, while yeshiva students were busy studying Torah, five Palestinian vehicles passed through yeshiva. Meanwhile, another student who arrived alone was outside the yeshiva. He tried to enter the yeshiva but met the Palestinians. “

Wendy said that he called the other yeshiva students to help him and that they had responded to his call.

“The Palestinians got out of the vehicles, attacked the yeshiva students, threw stones at them and tried to hit them with truncheons. The yeshiva students contacted the security forces and tried to keep the rioters away until the security forces arrived, ”Wendy said.

Dagan called on the security forces to treat the event as a serious security threat and to act accordingly.

“Unfortunately, the settlements as a whole, as well as the State of Israel, are facing a campaign of delegitimization orchestrated and planned by far-left organizations,” Dagan said.

“I call on the Israeli government and law enforcement authorities to act immediately to stop this delegitimization campaign and to stop these provocations in the area. This behavior puts us all in danger, ”Dagan said.

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