Shashua’s AI21 Labs Releases Tool to Help Read Documents 75% Faster

Amnon Shashua’s AI21 Labs wants to help you read information faster. The company on Monday launched Wordtune Read, an artificial intelligence-based reading companion designed to summarize documents and allow readers to retrieve information 75% faster.

“The knowledge that can be gained from reading is powerful, but most of us don’t have time to consume all the information we need,” said Yoav Shoham, co-founder and co-CEO of AI21 Labs. “The fundamental way we We read little has changed since the invention of the Gutenberg printing press and we wanted to challenge this through innovation. “

Wordtune Read uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand large amounts of written text and instantly summarize key information, helping users get to the point of long documents right away. Users simply upload a PDF or copy and paste a link of the text they want to read into the tool.

Within seconds, short snippets appear alongside the text that identify and summarize the main topics of the document and help users quickly decipher complex language. Its Spotlight function can summarize the text from different points of view, putting the emphasis on the information that interests the user the most.

Screenshot of the Wordtune Read interface. (credit: screenshot)

“With Wordtune Read, we have gone beyond extracting key sentences to abstraction, creating a true thought partner,” continued Yoav Shoham. “Unlike other reading assistants that extract key sentences, we have created a tool that can summarize text, a capability that is much more complex than rephrasing a sentence as it requires a deeper understanding of a larger context. In this way, the tool can help people to shorten a long story quickly and accurately. ”

According to new research in the UK, employees and students spend almost an hour (56 minutes) a day reading for work-related purposes, including articles and reports. More than a third (37%) have admitted suffering from work-related “reading fatigue” and one in ten (9%) say they no longer read for pleasure because of it. Wordtune Read addresses this problem and saves workers and students about 42 minutes a day, the company said.

AI21 Labs is working to open up new technological uses for language and text. In August, the company released the world’s largest and most sophisticated language model, Jurassic-1 Jumbo, which can be used in text-based artificial intelligence applications to read and understand text and learn how to generate new text that explains it in various ways. Languages.

The launch of Wordtune Read is a continuation of the success of Wordtune, the first AI-based writing companion that understands context and meaning.

AI21 founder Shashua is also the entrepreneur behind self-driving company Mobileye, acquired in 2017 for $ 15.3 billion in the largest Israeli acquisition in history; OrCam, which develops devices to help the blind and visually impaired; and First Digital Bank, which intends to open Israel’s first new bank in 43 years online by the end of 2021.

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