Republicans call for dozens of Biden officials to testify on Afghanistan

Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee are asking for testimony from dozens of Biden administration officials on how the chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan unfolded.

In a letter to the Secretary of State Antony blinkAntony BlinkenBlinken calls on Cuba to respect rights ahead of planned protests Blinken expresses concern about pressure on Taiwan in a call with his Chinese counterpart. Is Russia about to make a “serious mistake” in Ukraine? PLUS Sent Monday, Republican lawmakers request that at least 34 officials sit down for transcribed interviews to address “unanswered questions about planning, or the lack of it, that preceded the downsizing and evacuation.”

The Republican letter criticizes responses and statements provided so far by Biden administration officials at hearings and briefings with Congress, saying the purpose of the transcribed testimonies is “to establish a more detailed record …”

He said that, thus far, briefings “by State Department officials have been superficial exercises that baffle as much as they enlighten, and relevant actors often refuse to answer questions directly, refer to other colleagues or agencies, or claim not have relevant information at their immediate disposal “. and then offer to ‘follow up’ with answers that never seem to arrive. “

Blinken testified before the committee in September about the US withdrawal, and the committee has held at least two other hearings on Afghanistan, one with expert witnesses who are non-government officials and the other a closed-door hearing.

Republicans identified more than a dozen issues related to the U.S. withdrawal from which they want to speak to administration officials, including how the administration prepared for departure at the end of August and how it reacted to the seizure of control of the country by the Taliban. .

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have expressed outrage at the administration’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

While the administration evacuated more than 124,000 people from the country, the two weeks of evacuation efforts were defined by tragedy, with thousands of desperate Afghans invading Kabul International Airport, Afghans falling to their deaths from taking off planes, and an attack terrorist who killed dozens of Afghans. outside the airport gates, along with 13 US service members.

Democrats have argued that multiple administrations, Republican and Democratic, are responsible for America’s failure in Afghanistan. Biden officials have also been echoed in saying that the former President TrumpDonald Trump Stoltenberg Says The Jan. 6 Siege Was An Attack On “ NATO Core Values ​​” Christie Says Her Only Regret About Preparing Trump’s Debate Is Catching The COVID Woman Who Invaded The Sea- a-Lake Trump deported to China MOREThe agreement with the Taliban to impose a strict deadline for the withdrawal of US forces contributed to the problems.

Republicans have criticized Biden and made it clear that the issue will be part of their medium-term strategy.

Republican lawmakers also want to pressure officials on how many Americans may have been left behind in Afghanistan and what the future of US policy toward Afghanistan looks like. Lawmakers also want a count of the months and weeks leading up to the decision to initiate the evacuations, and what communication and coordination took place when the evacuations began.

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