GILEE US Law Enforcement Delegation Visits Israel Police

As part of the Israel Police’s close cooperation with police forces around the world, Israel Police Chief Kobi Shabtai met with an American delegation of law enforcement officers from the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange on Monday. (GILEE).
GILEE was established in 1992 in cooperation between the University of Georgia and US law enforcement, and its goal was cooperation between Georgia law enforcement and the Israel Police.

The foundation has been active for nearly three decades, and this delegation was the 28th delegation to visit Israel. It was led by Professor Robby Friedman and comprised of 16 Georgia police officers.

As part of the visit, the delegation toured various units of the Israel Police and attended a meeting with Shabtai. During the meeting, Shabtai spoke about the challenges the police have faced in dealing with the Arab sector, multiculturalism, and the importance of gaining the trust of the public.

“The Israel Police is one of the most experienced police forces dealing with extreme security incidents in the world, and this adds to an ongoing battle against crime,” Shabtai said.

A US delegation from GILEE visited Israel and met with the Inspector General of the Israel Police, Yaacov Shabtai. (credit: POLICE SPOKESPERSON UNIT)

“Along with our experience, it is very important to learn lessons, which is possible in part with the help of the relationships we have with our partners across the ocean and around the world.

“In a world that has become a global village, borders are blurring and our partnerships with our best friends in the world are growing.

“Along with the uniqueness of each country, police force and population, there are many shared challenges. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for this warm visit which, more than anything, shows the special connection that has been established between the countries. and the police forces, “he said.

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