Christie says she was unable to reach Trump on January 6

The former governor of New Jersey. Chris ChristieChris Christie Christie Says The Only Regret About Trump Debate Prep Is Catching On Sunday COVID Shows: Biden Officials Crafting An Inflation Message That Christie Will Not Say If He Will Support Trump In 2024 If He Is The MOST Republican Candidate (R) revealed in a new interview that despite several attempts, he could not reach then-President TrumpDonald Trump Stoltenberg Says The Jan. 6 Siege Was An Attack On “ NATO Core Values ​​” Christie Says Her Only Regret About Preparing Trump’s Debate Is Catching The COVID Woman Who Invaded The Sea- a-Lake Trump deported to China MORE as rioters stormed the Capitol on January 6.

Christie told Mike Allen during an interview for “Axios on HBO” who tried to call Trump through three different channels on January 6, but they all failed.

He said he wanted to “give you some advice on what I thought I should do to stop the violence.”

“I called Kellyanne conwayKellyanne ConwayWatchdog cites 13 Trump officials who violated the Hatch Act before the 2020 election The 2020 election ethics watchdog accuses Psaki of violating the Hatch Act. first. And I said, ‘Have you talked to him?’ And she said no. And she said, ‘I think we both have to call him. And I said, ‘Absolutely.’ So I called the president’s secretary … I couldn’t get through. Then I called her body boy. I do not answer. Then I called the president’s cell phone and he didn’t answer, ”Christie told Allen.

The former New Jersey governor said he was “desperate to try to get in touch with” Trump to try to stop the violence on Capitol Hill, which he anticipated would become “a stain on his presidency.”

Christie said she then took to the airwaves to say publicly what she would have said to the president in private.

“I felt like what was happening was terrible and was going to be a stain on his presidency, and I wanted him to be the guy to stand up and stop it. But he didn’t take the call, so I told him what I would have told him privately on air on ABC, ”Christie said.

During an appearance days later on ABC’s “This Week,” Christie, a contributor to the network, said that Trump’s actions before his supporters stormed the Capitol amounted to a chargeable crime.

“What we had was an incitement to riots in the United States Capitol. We had people murdered, and for me there are not many doubts here, ”added Christie.

However, it is unclear if those are the comments he was referring to in the conversation with Allen.

Christie was a close ally of Trump, supporting the president during his 2016 and 2020 campaigns and his time in the White House. However, that relationship began to break down after Christie caught COVID-19 after attending debate prep sessions at the White House, leading to a week-long hospital stay.

The former governor is now reflecting on his own presidential campaign and has made it clear that he would not follow Trump’s signals.

Christie previously said that she would not wait to see if Trump runs for re-election in 2024 before making her own plans for the next presidential election cycle.

He doubled down on those comments in a conversation with Allen, arguing that “people who say they will bow to Donald Trump have disqualified themselves from being president.”

“[Y]You should not give in to anyone if you think you are the best person, “he added.

Christie has published a new book, “Republican Rescue”, on Tuesday.

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