Anti-Semitic Incidents on UK University Camps at Record Levels

The number of reported anti-Semitic incidents on UK university campuses increased significantly this academic year, up 59% from the previous year’s figures.

In total, the Community Security Trust (CST), which monitors and works to combat anti-Semitism in the UK, recorded 111 university-related anti-Semitic incidents, compared to 70 in the 2019/2020 academic year.

This figure represents a record for anti-Semitic incidents on college campuses since the CST began tracking this specific number in 2002.

The organization attributed the increase to the massive wave of anti-Semitic incidents recorded during and after Israel’s war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip in May this year.

The CST noted that 64 of the 111 university-related incidents recorded in 2020/2021 occurred that month.

VANS WITH slogans addressed to the Labor Party circulate through Parliament Square in London ahead of a debate on anti-Semitism last year. (credit: HANNAH MCKAY / REUTERS)

The campuses with the highest number of anti-Semitic incidents were the University of Bristol and the University of Warwick, which had 11 incidents each, followed by 10 at University College London on the 10th, nine at the University of Oxford and eight at the University of Birmingham.

All incidents in 2020/2021 involved verbal, written, or online abuse, except for one assault incident.

Of the incidents at the University of Bristol, 10 of the 11 occurred in February, which is when Professor David Miller made a series of highly controversial comments that led to his dismissal.

Miller claimed in a lecture he gave that month at the university that Jewish students were “pawns” of Israel.

The nine incidents at Oxford University occurred in May, during the conflict in Israel and Gaza.

“This record of anti-Semitic incidents related to the university and the fact that they have increased for the fourth consecutive year should sound the alarm for everyone in the higher education sector,” the CST said in a statement to the press.

“Universities must do much more to ensure that their complaint processes are fit for purpose and that Jewish students get the necessary support when they suffer from anti-Semitism.

“The fact that this record coincided with the recent conflict in Israel and Gaza shows once again that wherever extreme hatred against Israel is found, hatred against Jews is sure to follow.”

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