Adele and Oprah Talk About Divorce, Weight Loss, and Taylor Swift

By Mark Savage
BBC Music Correspondent

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Adele said she was “embarrassed” by her divorce, in an exclusive and extensive interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The star said she felt she had “disrespected” the idea of ​​marriage when she separated from her husband, Simon Konecki, in 2018.

She added that the “terrible anxiety attacks” after the divorce led her to adopt an exercise regimen that caused her to lose 100 pounds in two years.

The US primetime special marked her first television interview about her new album.

He also saw the star perform a selection of new songs and classic hits at the picturesque Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, in the shadow of the Hollywood sign.

With the likes of Lizzo, James Corden and Melissa McCarthy in attendance, the Twilight concert was the first time Adele’s young son Angelo had seen her perform live.

“It is the absolute honor of my life, darling, to have you here tonight,” he said.

During the show, the star even helped a local man propose to his girlfriend, Ashley, serenading the couple with Make You Feel My Love after the stunned girlfriend said “yes” and burst into tears.

“Thank goodness he said yes, because he didn’t know who he was going to sing this song to next,” Adele laughed.

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Quentin proposed to his girlfriend, Ashley, who had been taken to the concert blindfolded to hide her surprise.

Airing on CBS in the US, the two-hour special is not scheduled to air in the UK. An independent ITV program, An Audience With Adele, hosted by Alan Carr, will air on Sunday, November 21.

These are some of the biggest US revelations.

Adele was embarrassed about her divorce

“I have been obsessed with a family nucleus my whole life because I never left one,” said the singer, whose father left home when she was only two years old.

“From a young age [I] I promised myself that when I had children, we would say together. And I tried for a long, long time. “

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Adele, now 33, said she first realized her marriage was falling apart when she took a personality test in a fashion magazine.

One of the questions was, “What is something that no one would know about you?”, And she blurted out to her friends: “I’m really not happy. I’m not living, I’m just lumbering.”

“They all gasped,” he recalled. “From there, I was like ‘What am I doing? What am I doing it for?'”

Although Adele was together with Konecki for eight years, she had previously said that the marriage and separation took place in 2018.

“I take marriage very seriously … and it seems like not now,” he said remorsefully. “Almost as if I disrespected him by getting married and then divorcing so quickly. I’m ashamed because it was so fast.”

Her ex-husband “saved her life”

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Adele and Simon Konecki at the 2013 Grammy Awards

Adele emphasized that she still loves Konecki, even if she is not “in love” with him. The couple still live across from each other in Los Angeles and continue to father their son, Angelo.

She then credited Konecki for “saving her life” after she became famous.

“At that point in my life, I was very young and I think I would have gotten into everything. I could easily go down some dodgy paths and self-destruct from being so overwhelmed by all of this.

“And he came along and he was the most stable person I had ever had in my life up to that point. Even now I entrust my life to them.”

Adele can’t explain where her music comes from.

Songs like Hello and Someone Like You have touched millions of people, but Adele confessed that the power of her music is a mystery to her.

“I don’t think that, as a person, I have what my song has. I’m getting from somewhere else [and] I don’t know how I access it.

“It’s wild, because I don’t think I’m that into real life,” she laughed.

Figure caption,

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When asked why she had revealed so much private information in her lyrics, Adele explained that she wanted to reassure people who were going through similar experiences.

“Music helps me in many situations and I would like to do the same with people … to remind me that they are not alone.

“There were times when I was writing the record, or listening to something and saying, ‘That might be a little too private.’ But nothing is as scary as what I’ve been through in the last two. [or] three years behind closed doors. So I am not afraid. “

Adele reconciled with her father before he died

The singer told Winfrey that the “biggest injury” she had suffered as a child was the “utter lack of presence and effort” from her father, Marc Evans.

“I had absolutely no expectations from anyone, because I learned not to have them through my dad,” she said. “He was the reason I haven’t fully agreed to what it’s like to be in a loving, loving relationship with someone.”

Although they were separated for many years, father and daughter reconciled for the past three years, after Evans became seriously ill.

During that time, he confessed that he had only heard his first song, Hometown Glory.

“He never played my other music,” he said. “He was like, ‘It’s too painful.’

But the star wanted to play him one of his new songs, To Be Loved, which expressed how his absence had affected his ability to trust other people.

“It was amazing for him and me,” he said. “I think you could hear me sing it, but without saying it, we are very similar.”

In the end, he managed to get her his entire new album played on Zoom, shortly before he died in April.

“Her favorites were all my favorites, which was amazing,” Adele told Winfrey, “and she was proud of me for doing it.

“So it was very, very healing [and] when he died, it was literally as if the wound closed. “

It has been criticized for its weight loss.

Image source, CBS / Adele

Adele performed hits like Rolling In The Deep, Someone Like You, and Skyfall at the televised concert.

Adele’s appearance in the past two years has been the subject of much speculation, after she lost nearly 45 kilograms on a new exercise regimen.

The star said the transformation was “primarily” to control her anxiety.

“I had the scariest anxiety attacks after leaving my marriage,” he explained. “They completely paralyzed me and confused me a lot because I couldn’t have any control over my body.”

After noticing that her anxiety subsided at the gym, she started going every day.

“That really helped me get it right,” he said.

Winfrey recalled her own weight loss experiences and how some people felt “upset” and “abandoned” when they first went on a diet.

Suggesting that she had heard similar comments, Adele replied, “I am not surprised or disconcerted by that because my body has been objectified for my entire career. I am too big or too small; either I am hot or I am.” m not.

“But it’s not my job to validate how people feel about their bodies. I feel bad that it’s made someone feel horrible about themselves, but that’s not my job. I’m trying to fix my own life. I can’t add another worry. “

Your new song Hold On could be a “national anthem”

Image source, Joe Pugliese / Harpo Productions / CBS

The interview is not scheduled to air in the UK.

During the concert, Adele premiered three new songs from her upcoming album, 30 – I Drink Wine, Love Is A Game and Hold On.

Winfrey singled out the latter as a highlight, reciting the lyrics: “I’m a mess / The more I try, I back off / I’m my worst enemy / Right now I really hate being me.

Adele said she often felt this way during their divorce, and her friends told her to “hang on.”

“It was exhausting trying to move on. It’s a process: the process of a divorce, the process of being a single parent, the process of not seeing your child every day. [It] it wasn’t really a plan I had when I became a mother. “

Speaking before the television special, Winfrey said she thought the song would become a “national anthem around the world for anyone struggling with something.”

Your son thinks Taylor Swift is the biggest star

When Adele took her son to see Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium tour in 2018, her jaw dropped.

Then at age six, I couldn’t believe how many people were at the show, “because I used to come to my stadium shows for rehearsals and it was empty,” Adele laughed.

But she said Angelo got a glimpse of her mother’s true popularity recently, after her latest video premiered on YouTube.

“The other day, he saw the Easy On Me video countdown … and said, ‘There were 150,000 people waiting!’ He then read the comments and said, ‘People really like you!’

“So he’s starting to understand a little bit, but not really.”

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