Two Hezbollah Members Arrested in Colombia, Defense Minister Says

Two members of the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah were arrested in Colombia two months ago, Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano revealed on Sunday in an interview with the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo.
Molano affirmed that in several meetings that Colombian officials have held with different intelligence agencies, “there is concern about the presence of Hezbollah in Venezuela and its relationship with terrorist groups and their financing,” according to El Tiempo.

Regarding the two Hezbollah-backed criminals who were arrested and deported from Colombia, Molano said they intended to commit a “criminal act” in the country.

Molano stated during the interview that his statement that Iran is Colombia’s enemy during a visit to Israel was “hasty,” saying that “Colombia does not use the word enemy to refer to any nation.”

The Defense Minister clarified, however, that Iran’s uranium enrichment and support for the Maduro regime in Venezuela raised “concerns.”

Venezuelans hold a Venezuelan flag as they participate in a protest in support of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on April 30, 2019 (credit: REUTERS / NACHO DOCE).

El Tiempo also reported on Sunday that a former intelligence agent, who had until recently been assigned to the Israeli diplomatic team in Colombia, realized that he was being spied on by Hezbollah in Bogotá, with information gathered by foreign agents, including Mossad, which indicates that the terrorist group had been spying on the agent during their daily routine.

The Colombian authorities were notified that there were indications that the agent, who had opened a company for the importation and commercialization of cameras and surveillance technology, was the target of murder.

The agent was evacuated to Tel Aviv in a secret operation, according to El Tiempo, and the report on the incident indicated that he was not the only individual being monitored by Hezbollah. Several high-profile foreigners in the country were reported to be potential targets for the group.

According to the Colombian newspaper, the assassination attempt was part of the motive for Molano’s statements against Iran.

Last year, Colombia designated Hezbollah as a terrorist group.

The reported assassination attempt comes about a month after a similar Iranian-backed assassination plot against Israelis was reported in Cyprus. Last week, the Cypriot daily Politis reported that six suspects had been charged with allegedly attempting to carry out the plot in Cyprus.

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