Picrew: see how to make your anime character version

If you’ve always wanted to know how to create your own anime character version on Picrew, it’s time! In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a custom avatar on the website quickly and simply!

In recent years, technology has provided several interesting products for anime fans. This is even the case of the Picrew website, which allows you to create custom avatars, always thinking about how you would look if you were an anime character. Free of charge, it is not necessary to perform any type of download on your smartphone or computer, as access is via browsers.

During the process, some steps need to be completed so that the character is built and has a unique look, such as defining the clothing, the type of hairstyle, the accessories, the color and shape of the eyes, type of eyebrow, chin , lips, among other key features.

The coolest thing is that you can share the result with your friends instantly through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

(Picrew/Tecmundo/Reproduction)Source: Picrew/Tecmundo

Many people have been using digitally created avatars to replace their profile photos on WhatsApp and other apps as well. That’s because, with customization, your character can literally look like you. Want to know how everything works? So, don’t miss any of the walkthroughs below!

Picrew: how to create anime character?

1. Access the website of Picrew through the browser of your smartphone, tablet or computer. You will notice that all available content is in Japanese. Don’t worry though! In addition to being able to translate the page completely through the unique features of your browser, you can use our tutorial as a guide.

2. On the home page, there are several ready-made drawings that can be edited. Choose your favorite and then develop the options according to what is offered. When selecting an avatar to customize, click on the pink button that appears in the lower right corner. You can change the color of the elements using the brush located on the right.

(Picrew/Tecmundo/Reproduction)(Picrew/Tecmundo/Reproduction)Source: Picrew/Tecmundo

3. Right below the main drawing, there are several tabs that can be explored. In this example, the first one concerns the positioning of the face and, in sequence, there are some types of hair and hairstyles. The shape of the eyes, eyebrows and the way the mouth is drawn are arranged next.

4. Spots and freckles can also be explored, as can small hair-related details like loose strands and the way the blouse will be dressed. In this example, you can also adjust your hands and choose a variety of accessories, such as hats and glasses. The background can also be changed with available colors.

(Picrew/Tecmundo/Reproduction)(Picrew/Tecmundo/Reproduction)Source: Picrew/Tecmundo

5. When everything is the way you’ve always wanted it, hit the green button located on the left sidebar. The design will be saved in a new format, in which the quality is fully preserved. From there, press the design or right-click to copy, share or save to your gallery.

(Picrew/Tecmundo/Reproduction)(Picrew/Tecmundo/Reproduction)Source: Picrew/Tecmundo

If none of the options available on the site catches your attention, you can also develop your artistic skills to create a completely new design and catch the users’ attention. For this, it is necessary to delve a little deeper into some issues, logging into the site and uploading some models that have already been developed.

Did you like it? So don’t miss out on all the tips to do your best at Picrew!


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