Joint IDF-US Marines Exercise Concludes.

A joint IDF exercise with the United States Marine Forces Central Command (MARCENT) and the United States Marine Corps (USMC) has come to an end after two weeks, the IDF announced on Twitter this Saturday. in the afternoon.

In addition to the training, annual talks were held with personnel between the IDF and the Marines, where a joint cooperation plan for 2022 was finalized. The talks were led by Brigadier General Guy Levy, according to the IDF statement. .

The most recent joint collaboration comes at the same time as an IDF amphibious exercise with the US Navy and Marines that began on November 2.

“This exercise is part of the next chapter in the long-standing relationship of the US Navy and Marine Corps with Israel, which is so vital to stability and security in the region,” said the Marine Corps Brigadier General Farrell Sullivan in a statement about the naval exercise.

The collaboration is part of the longstanding military cooperation of the United States and Israel, although the exercise also comes amid intense tensions with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

IDF troops drill alongside US Marines as part of Juniper Cobra 2018 (credit: ANNA AHRONHEIM)

“We will explore all options to meet the challenge posed by Iran,” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters in October after meeting with Israel’s Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs. Foreign Relations Office of the United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates), Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al. -Nahyanin in Washington, DC “We continue to believe that diplomacy is the most effective way to do it. But, it takes two to engage in diplomacy, and we have not seen in Iran the willingness to do that at this time.”

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