Former Director of the Israel Football Association becomes the new CEO of Team Finest

Ratam Kemar, former CEO of the Israel Football Association, has been appointed the new CEO of Team Finest, Israel’s first professional esports club.

Kemar replaces Team Finest co-founder and current CEO Ruvik Milkis, who will take on a new position within the brand as CGO (Director of Games), which will see him implement global strategy and manage players and teams internationally. scene.

The new CEO has extensive experience in sports management. For the past eight years, he served as the director of the Football Association and had been vice president for the previous five years.

His experience is expected to serve the club well, which currently manages five different teams in four popular esports titles: Valuing, Counter Strike: GO, Fortnite and FIFA.

The club has been acquired by media investment group RadarZero and has made business alliances with prominent firms such as Logitech G, Acer, Samsung and Pizza Hut.

TEAM FINEST CEO Ruvik Milkis, ‘CS: GO’ player Shiran Shushan and Team Finest Marketing Director Yotam Nachshon. (credit: O GLICKMAN)

Team Finest also recently completed the organization of its first esports tournament, the Finest Invitational.

In a statement, Kemar expressed his thoughts on the transition from traditional sports to the world of esports and games.

“This is a developing industry that is gaining momentum in Israel and around the world,” he explained.

“Team Finest is in the midst of significant growth domestically and international expansion, including the management and acquisition of new innovative equipment and assets,” said Team Finest President and RadarZero CEO Mark Klein. “Milkis and I made a joint decision because, looking at our goals for next year and to support our expansion, it is time to invest in strategic player management internationally.”

E-sports are becoming increasingly popular around the world, and big events have a huge audience around the world. Israel has also increased its presence on the esports scene, with clubs like Team Finest competing overseas.

The championships are expected to have an audience of hundreds of millions.

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