Ecuadorian President Calls ‘Crisis Cabinet’ After Prison Violence Killed Dozens

The move comes after the Ecuadorian prosecutor’s office asked the government to take “urgent measures” to address the situation, according to a post on the agency’s official Twitter account.

Prosecutors said “68 prisoners died and another 25 were injured” in the violence that erupted Saturday at the Litoral Penitentiary, one of Ecuador’s largest prisons in the coastal city of Guayaquil, the same facility that saw 118 people killed. in clashes in September.
The war inside the prisons of Ecuador

The Ecuadorian police began to activate security protocols on Friday night after reports of shots and possible clashes between inmates in the prison, according to the governor of Guayas, Pablo Arosemena, in an announcement published on the official Facebook page of the government of the province of Guayas.

The deadly clashes appear to be an instance of gang violence, according to the governor, who said the inmates “not only used guns and detonations, but tried to suffocate.” [other prisoners], burned mattresses and more. “

Ecuador’s prison system has been in a state of emergency since the deadly clashes in September. More than 300 inmates have died in prison violence this year, according to figures from Ecuador’s SNAI prison service.

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