Barrasso refuses to criticize Trump for Pence’s comments

Its. John barrassoJohn Anthony Barrasso Sunday Shows Progress: Biden Administration Faces Peak Inflation Sunday Shows Progress: House Passes Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill; Democrats suffer electoral losses in Virginia Republicans to challenge Biden vaccine mandate MORE (R-Wyoming) refused to criticize the former President TrumpDonald Trump Trump Criticizes McConnell, Says Senator Should Attend Biden Signing Ceremony Former Trump Administration Aide Says He Was Warned About Playing Taylor Swift Music In The White House Trump Faces Legal Challenges Maintaining Biden Documents january 6 committee MOREThe comments that appear to defend the January 6 rioters who called to hang the former vice president Mike penceMichael (Mike) Richard Pence Former aide to the Trump administration says he was warned about playing Taylor Swift music at the White House on Jan. 6 Investigation threatens fragile Trump-Pence peace Trump CDC official: No ‘reason of public health ‘for the closure of the border, Title 42 MORE.

During an apparition on ABC’s “This Week,” host George StephanopoulosGeorge Robert Stephanopoulos Officials, lawmakers express optimism on infrastructure, spending vote Kinzinger slams Republicans for Buttigieg’s ‘lie and conspiracy’ on passing spending packages: ‘We are the closest we’ve ever been’ MORE he asked Barrasso about the former president’s comments, made during an interview with ABC News reporter Johnathan Karl, for his book “Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show.”

Trump reportedly said: “No, I thought I was well protected,” when asked if he was concerned for Pence’s safety that day, adding “I had heard he was in great shape,” according to The Washington Post.

Trump also said that the chants of “Hang Mike Pence” were “common sense” as the vice president was not trying to stop the certification of the 2020 presidential election.

When asked about Trump’s comments, Barrasso said Sunday that the Republican party is more united than ever in opposition to the Biden administration.

“And I think the more the Democrats and the press get obsessed with President Trump, the better for the Republican Party I think. President Trump brings a lot of energy to the party. It is an enduring force, “Barrasso said. Stephanopoulos.

Barrasso also said that Pence was safe during the Capitol riot, adding that in the Senate chamber he “I didn’t hear any of those chants. “

“But aren’t you going to criticize President Trump for those views?” Stephanopoulos asked Barrasso.

“I do not agree with President Trump on everything. I agree with him on the policies that have brought us the best economy of our … my life. And I will continue to support those policies and will continue to work to stop what Joe bidenJoe Biden Michael Flynn Says From US: ‘We Have To Have A Religion’ White House Tries To Change Messages On Economy Biden Expresses ‘Great Concern’ Over Belarus-Poland Border Crisis MORE it’s doing to this country, which I think is almost irreversibly bad, ”Barrasso said..

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