The cabinet is expected to pass term limits for the prime minister’s bill on Sunday.

The cabinet is expected to pass a bill to the Knesset on Sunday that would create a term limit for prime ministers, at tomorrow’s weekly cabinet meeting.

The bill was a central pillar of Justice Minister Gidon Sa’ar during the last election campaign and is a proposal that is now moving forward in government due to what he says is his concern about the corrupting nature of the post of prime minister if it is kept by an individual for too long.

The bill received the consent of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett as it will not be retroactive, meaning it would be viewed as a “personal law” designed to exclude opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu from heading a government again despite the fact that he has already served several terms as prime minister.

Yesh Atid’s leader and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid has also been a fervent advocate for imposing term limits on prime ministers.

“In their third term, prime ministers are concerned with survival rather than helping citizens,” Sa’ar told Channel 13 last week. “The bill has no connection to Netanyahu.”

GIDEON SA’AR arrives at the Knesset before the vote and swearing in of the 36th government, June 13, 2021 (credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM / THE JERUSALEM POST)

Another Sa’ar-sponsored bill, which would prevent anyone under serious indictment, including Netanyahu, from forming a government, has not garnered Bennett’s support. Also opposed is Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked, Deputy Minister Abir Kara (Yamina) and Blue and White MP Michael Biton.

“The second bill requires dialogue, especially with the prime minister,” Sa’ar said. “There is no deadline yet. I will do my best to reach agreements. When we do, we can advance the invoice. “

Separately, on Saturday night, Channel 12 News reporter Daphna Liel reported that senior advisers to Bennett and Lapid were scheduled to meet this week to map the internal challenges facing the government. and how they can be surpassed, in the wake of success. budget approval two weeks ago.

The advisers will try to prioritize the most serious problems and develop plans to address them that will be presented to the heads of the different parties in the coalition.

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