Former Trump administration aide says he was warned about playing Taylor Swift’s music at the White House

An aide who worked in the White House during the Trump administration, Olivia Troye, told Chris Hayes from MSNBC who was warned by a colleague after playing Taylor SwiftTaylor Alison Swift 12:30 pm Report from The Hill: Biden Appoints Obama Official As FDA Chief Just Before Deadline Danny Goldberg: Politically Active Celebrities Helped Defeat Trump McAuliffe Posts Ad Beating Youngkin Over your last call to audit the voting machines MORE in the White House.

Troye, who worked as an assistant to the former vice president Mike penceMichael (Mike) Richard Pence Trump CDC Official: No ‘Public Health Reason’ for Border Closure, Title 42 12:30 PM Report from The Hill: Biden calls Obama official as head of the FDA Just Before Deadline Trump Dismisses Rioters’ Calls To Hang Pence: ‘People Were Very Angry’ MORE and served on the administration’s coronavirus task force, said in “All In With Chris Hayes” on Tuesday that she felt angry after a discussion related to the COVID-19 pandemic that occurred during a meeting and withdrew to her office, where he began to play loudly. Swift music.

She said a colleague knocked on her office door and asked, “Are you trying to get fired?”

The question confused Troye, he said, so he asked for clarification, asking if his colleague was asking why he was outspoken during the meetings. She said he responded, “I don’t think I’m a Trump fan,” referring to Swift, adding, “If anyone hears that … you really should watch your back. You have to be careful about that.”

Troye told Hayes that this was “amazing” for her and that she had replied to her colleague that it was “late, and I can listen to whatever music I want.”

His story arises after the publication of an article in The Atlantic Tuesday by Jonathan Karl, ABC News chief Washington correspondent, who recounted a related incident.

He wrote that ex President TrumpDonald Trump Former Chicago-area CEO Sentenced to 30 Days in Prison for Involvement in Jan. 6 Attack Noem Formally Launches Overnight Health Care Re-election Campaign – Presented by Rare Access Action Project – Biden Reveals FDA Choice PLUSchief of staff Mark MeadowsMark MeadowsSteve Bannon indicted by federal grand jury 12:30 Hill report: Biden calls Obama official as head of FDA just before deadline Meadows defies Jan.6 committee, risking contempt charges MORE requested that a senior staff member from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) call him because Meadows had heard that a department aide had liked one of Swift’s posts on Instagram, encouraging people to vote and expressed his support for the then candidate president Joe bidenJoe Biden Federal Appeals Court Says Business Biden Vaccine Remains Mandate Why Democrats’ Prescription Drug Pricing Would Have Hurt Older People Tennessee Governor Signs Law Restricting Terms of COVID-19 MORE.

“We really can’t allow our people to like posts promoting Joe Biden,” Meadows told Hughes, according to Karl’s article.

The HUD assistant was a fan of Swift and had also liked all the other Instagram posts the singer had posted, Karl wrote.

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