Bennett accuses opposition of using Kotel for political campaign

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett accused the opposition of using the Western Wall as a political tool to try to destabilize his government, in a Facebook post on Friday.

Your comments come after a report on Haaretz that ultra-Orthodox Shas party chair Arye Deri has embarked on a fundraising campaign to finance a public campaign against the government’s intention to implement the Western Wall agreement for a state-recognized egalitarian prayer section in the southern end of the site.

“The Western Wall, this beloved place that is so important to all Jews, the place that unites us generation after generation, particularly after it was liberated by IDF fighters in the Six Day War, this Kotel, it is being used today for a deliberate political campaign, for which money has been raised to incite the government, ”the prime minister wrote in his Facebook post.

“Why? Because someone thought it would stay. And maybe it will stay. But the damage will be massive,” Bennett said.

According to the Haaretz report, Deri’s campaign includes ads on social media against the Bennett-Lapid government and eventually large protests against the government’s intent.

Shas party chief Aryeh Deri reacts during a commemorative ceremony marking 26 years since the assassination of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, at the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, in Jerusalem on October 18, 2021 (credit: OLIVIER FITOUSSI / FLASH90).

The campaign follows polls by the ultra-Orthodox party on what turns its voters on, according to the report.

“Even in times of fierce arguments, we must preserve islands of holiness. Things that don’t last. If there is a problem we can solve it through dialogue.

“You don’t do polls and decide to go full force in a divisive campaign over the Western Wall. It just doesn’t, ”Bennett added.

Last week, Deri and other ultra-Orthodox political leaders had threatened to go to the Western Wall to physically detain Labor MK and Reform Rabbi Gilad Kariv and Blue and White MP Alon Tal from bringing a Torah scroll to the Women’s site. From the wall. prayer rights group monthly prayer service.

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu even retweeted Deri’s tweet on the issue, even though he himself initiated, supported and voted for what became the Western Wall agreement.

The confrontation was avoided after Kariv and Tal decided not to attend the service at the request of President Isaac Herzog.

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