Will a Gaza-Israel industrial zone be built soon?

Is Arazim, the name of the industrial zone shared by Israel and Gaza, really about to happen? Maariv learned that a major planning phase was completed in recent weeks that examined the feasibility of establishing an industrial zone on Israeli territory, near the ruins of the Erez industrial zone, which Israel demolished in 2004 prior to the withdrawal of the Gaza Strip.

The plan to establish an industrial zone, which will include Israeli factories and Gaza workers, which has not yet been discussed by the government, is being promoted, among other things, by the heads of local councils in the Gaza border communities, and The FDI has been heavily involved in planning in recent years. After completing the planning and staffing processes and completing the plan applicability review, the political echelon will be required to make a decision.

According to various estimates, it will be possible to employ thousands of workers in the planned industrial zone. Meanwhile, with regard to the movement of merchants from the Gaza Strip, the data available to the defense establishment shows that after setting the quota at 10,000 merchants who can enter daily, the entry of more than 7,000 citizens into Gaza who have A permit and they go to Israel has already been approved.

A PALESTINE POLICE officer gestures while standing next to a truck carrying clothing for export at the Kerem Shalom crossing in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, on Monday. (credit: IBRAHEEM ABU MUSTAFA / REUTERS)

Although officially assumed to be merchants, the vast majority are employed as laborers, including agricultural workers who, after 15 years of disengagement, returned to work in the kibbutzim fields in the Gaza border communities. The defense establishment is now also trying to regulate permits for workers.

In any case, as there are no signs of progress on the hostages and missing persons issue, the government will have to decide in the near future how far it is willing to go with economic initiatives to improve the economic situation in Gaza. This, in an attempt to stabilize the security situation, even without progress in the negotiations on other issues.


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