White House Pressures Congress to Pass Bipartisan Government Funding Bills

The White House is pushing Congress to agree on annual government funding bills, as negotiations across the hall have not progressed much in recent months.

The Office of Budget and Management (OMB) said in a fact sheet sent Friday that Congress must “reach bipartisan and bicameral agreement” on full-year appropriations bills for fiscal year 2022 in the coming weeks. .

The bills, the bureau said, will be crucial in addressing the nation’s “critical needs,” including funding to “improve preparedness for future public health crises,” bolster defense preparedness and modernization, provide “investment. behind in electoral infrastructure, “support children in high-poverty schools and” guarantee access to loans and aid for students. “

While the office recognized the annual appropriation bills introduced by Democrats in the House and Senate to fund the government for next year, it said it “looks forward to seeing a proposal from House and Senate Republicans” to continue. bipartisan negotiations.

Since government funding for fiscal year 2021 would expire at the end of September, Congress passed an interim bill at the last hour to keep the government funded at the previous year’s spending levels to buy time for negotiations.

The legislation allows the government to continue funding until early December. Congress is expected to pass another rolling resolution (CR) in the coming weeks to avoid a shutdown, amid a deadlock between Republicans and Democrats on spending.

Vice Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee Richard ShelbyRichard Craig ShelbyTrump Taunts ‘Old Raven Mitch’ McConnell Over Biden’s Infrastructure Win On The Money – Presented By Citi – Democrats Closer To Deal On Biden’s Schedule Shelby Says Another CR Will Be Needed In December MORE (R-Ala.) He said last week that a CR will likely be needed by December, while criticizing the so-called “poison pills” in the Democratic spending proposals.

“If there is no progress, then we could head to an annual CR. A lot of people would like that, ”he told reporters at the time.

But the senator Patrick LeahyPatrick Joseph Leahy, first openly lesbian judge confirmed in Manchin federal circuit court, Murkowski, reviewed John Lewis’s voting rights bill, Shelby says another CR will be needed in December MORE (D-Vt.), Who heads the Appropriations Committee, said at the time that resorting to multiple continuous resolutions “is not a responsible way to govern.”

“The Republicans seem to want to bring us to a continuous one-year resolution,” he said. Democrats made a good faith offer last month that provided a 5 percent increase in defense spending, which is consistent with the bipartisan NDAA. [National Defense Authorization Act]but it takes two to negotiate. “

“We have not yet received a superior offer in response to ours,” Leahy said.

The WBO also warned against a year-round CR in its post on Friday.

“Reaching agreement on allocations and avoiding continuation of 2021 funding levels under a year-round rolling resolution (CR) is critical to priorities,” the office said.

“Congress has a long history of reaching bipartisan appropriations agreements that benefit the American people and fund critical public health services. Over the next several weeks, legislators have the opportunity and the obligation to do it again, ”the office added.


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