Scotland Newspapers: What’s Next for Scotland’s Oil Crisis and Care Fears?

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As COP26 draws to a close in Glasgow, some Scottish newspapers discuss the future of Scotland’s oil and gas industry. The Scottish Daily Express reports that Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been holding talks with groups dedicated to phasing out fossil fuels. He says confusion over government policy has “left thousands of jobs on the scale.”

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Scotland enraged environmental groups by not joining a coalition of countries that set goals to phase out oil and gas productions, reports i. The prime minister says she is discussing joining the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance, but is concerned about workers in the industry, she writes.

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The Press and Journal says Scottish Conservatives have warned that joining such a group could put jobs in the Northeast on a “cliff edge.” Sturgeon reports that it is necessary to end Scotland’s dependence on fossil fuels without putting workers in the “economic garbage”.

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The Herald is leading the problems in the welfare sector. He says there is a “very real risk of collapse” in social care this winter as staff move to less stressful, higher-paying jobs in retail and hospitality, and businesses face higher insurance premiums.

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The “sick health service” is also facing winter problems, reports The Courier. It begins with a photo of John Swinney speaking at First Minister’s Questions alongside the headline: “Crisis, what crisis?”

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Conservatives are accused of “nasty political smear” at The National after UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace claimed that two SNP MPs were drunk on a flight to Gibraltar.

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The Metro says the allegations have been described as a “strange smear campaign by conservatives,” and reports that the SNP has accused two Conservative MPs who were also on the trip of going to drink and having a hangover the next day.

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“Parliamentarians line their pockets using the loophole in rental spending” is the lead story in the Times, which says 14 MPs are renting houses they own in London for at least £ 10,000 a year, while claiming taxpayer expenses. to rent another property. The newspaper says the arrangement is allowed under a loophole, while several of the MPs said the spending watchdog pushed them to do so.

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The Daily Mail reports that the “right hand man” of the Prince of Wales has resigned over allegations that he helped secure the knighthood for a Saudi businessman who donated to the prince’s charity. The newspaper says Michael Fawcett, chief executive of the Prince Foundation, is “heartbroken” amid the “honors money” investigation.

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Several of the newspapers report that the Queen will attend the Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph, after receiving medical advice to rest last month. It is the main story of the Scottish Sun, with the headline: “She will remember them.”

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The Daily Telegraph leads with a warning from US officials who, according to the newspaper, privately informed their EU counterparts that Russia may be planning to invade Ukraine in a repeat of the annexation of Crimea in 2014. The newspaper cites high-ranking sources. Whitehall level saying there was “anxiety” among UK officials.

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The Evening Telegraph leads with a raid on the Dundee gym by a masked man whose loot included cash from the Christmas raffle.

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The Evening Express says that the Aberdeen City Council is considering installing a defibrillator in all schools. Of the city’s 60 elementary and middle schools, only seven have the kit already, while two other elementary schools have access to one in another building on the same site, he writes. Across the UK, around 270 children die each year from sudden cardiac arrest.

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The council and binmen are at odds over garbage collection after the workers returned from the strike, reports the Glasgow Times. It says the garbage collectors want an additional payment to remove the “rotten” waste that accumulated during the strike.

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A man who killed his wife in a “crazy” stabbing can leave a low-security hospital to go shopping only 10 years after his sentence, the Daily Record reports.

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The Edinburgh Evening News leads the ongoing debate on traffic plans for the capital. The council’s transportation leader has “responded” to accusations of ignoring public opinion, he writes.

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Scotland’s Daily Star looks into the Christmas darkness with an ecological warning from the Green Party to lower the colored lights to “save the planet.”

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