More than 10,000 advances in reinforcing COVID-19 in Israel

Does this mean that vaccines don’t work?

The opposite is true, health experts say: 10,600 of every four million people who received the third puncture is only 0.27%.

“Nobody said that the vaccine is 100% capable of stopping infections,” emphasized Professor Cyrille Cohen, head of the immunology laboratory at Bar-Ilan University.

Progressive infections always occur after vaccination, usually in people with weaker immune systems, such as the elderly, or people with underlying medical conditions ranging from HIV to cancer.

An illustrative photo of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. (credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM / THE JERUSALEM POST)

In addition, Pfizer vaccines were not evaluated to prevent infections, but rather symptomatic or serious illness and death. And when it comes to these statistics, vaccines, for now at least, seem to be doing their job.

As more people in Israel took a third hit, the number of daily cases began to decline rapidly. In the second half of August, Israel had an average of 8,300 daily cases. Today, Israel has an average of only 480.

The percentage of people who test positive for the virus has decreased from an average of more than 5% to 0.56%.

And hospitalizations have also dropped, affecting just 200 people on Friday – 20% of patients are in a mild condition.

The Health Ministry showed that 12% of hospitalized people have been fully vaccinated, which was 23 people on Friday. In contrast, 80% of hospitalized people are not vaccinated, which was 160 people on Friday.

But those numbers are even further apart than they appear, when you consider how many people are fully vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated in Israel.

Twenty-three people out of every four million vaccinated people means that only 0.000575% were hospitalized. This should be compared to 160 people out of 700,000 unvaccinated people, which is equivalent to 0.02285714%.

“There is no reason to be alarmed,” Cohen said.

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