Author of the ultra-Orthodox series ‘Kids Speak’ accused of raping minors

Israeli ultra-Orthodox author Chaim Walder allegedly had sex with minors, two girls ages 12 and 15, according to research published in Haaretz Friday morning.

Additionally, a third testimony alleged that Walder regularly raped a 20-year-old woman, his therapy patient, on a regular basis.

Walder is a well-known author who publishes literature for children and young people in the ultra-Orthodox world, with his series Children talk (in Hebrew – Yeladim Mesaprim Al Atzmam) selling hundreds of thousands of copies in ultra-Orthodox communities throughout Israel and the diaspora. The first book in the series became one of the five best-selling books in Israel of all time.

In the testimony shared with HaaretzTalia (not her real name) recounted the first time she met Walder, at the age of 12, more than 20 years ago.

Upon meeting her, Walder told the girl that she was “very mature” and that he liked her appearance. “He was very smart and manipulative,” Talia told the newspaper. “He did it very slowly, so as not to stress me out.”

Chaim Walder (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Over time, Talia said, these outspoken comments became more explicit, with Walder frequently asking her if she had already started menstruating, repeatedly over several months.

When she turned 13 and started menstruating, Walder began having full sex with her.

“I remember the subsequent trauma, I remember crying,” she said in her testimony.

“I was studying mentally for the tests, I waited for him to finish and I went home. He was like a corpse. I remember his smell, his belt, but it was a technical process and the sensation was completely disconnected. The disconnection accompanied me for years.”

According to Talia, Walder mostly met her at Bnei Brak, at the bookstore she owned. The situation continued for years, until Talia distanced herself from him at the age of 16, realizing that she could no longer bear the experiences he put her through. She said that Walder made her keep what happened between them a secret, and told her that no one would believe her even if she said something.

“He said it was my word against his word, and that if we weighed the two of them, it was clear which of us he would believe.”

The second minor who approached Haaretz to testify against Walder was Moriah (not her real name), who was regularly raped by Walder, starting at the age of 15. According to Haaretz, Walder took advantage of Moriah’s age, status, and admiration for him to have sex with her on a regular basis.

Walder has written more than 80 books and is considered to have revolutionized ultra-Orthodox literature for children, as his books allow children to express their thoughts and emotions out loud and focus on difficult and sensitive subjects. He also runs the Bnei Brak Township Center for Children and Families, and is a certified counselor who works with children and young adults who experience trauma and abuse.

It is in this role that he met his third victim, Dina, (not her real name), who first filed complaints against the author more than a decade ago.

The complaint filed by Dina described an event that had occurred seven years earlier, but the case was closed within a month, and the police cited a lack of evidence as the reason for doing so.

According to testimonies from Dina’s friends, although Dina chose not to speak with Haaretz She herself met Walder when she came to him for help, seeking therapeutic treatment.

“One day she came to him for treatment and they went down to his bookstore, where he touched her against her will,” said the person who testified. “His limits were not clear and he took advantage of this.”

Witnesses allege that Walder justified his sexual relations with Dina by saying that the use of contraception provides a “buffer”, according to Jewish law, and therefore did not count his wife as cheating.

In 2003, Walder received the “Protector of Children” award from the Prime Minister, for his activities to promote the status of children and his “sincere concern, dedication and belief in the ability to improve the situation of children in the community.”

In response to the allegations against him, Walder’s attorneys, Miki Hova and Guy Shemer, released the following statement: “Mr. Walder is an educational writer and consultant who founded the Child and Family Center in Bnei Brak and has dedicated his life for decades and works to promote, nurture and protect the well-being of children and their rights in general and the ultra-Orthodox sector in particular.

Over the years, Mr. Walder has fought for the benefit of children who have suffered violence and abuse and as a result certain elements have been targeted to harm him and there is evidence of some foolish attempts to frame our customer. “They declared.

“Mr. Walder is an ultra-Orthodox man and has never touched minors or women in this way … Our client is determined that this will not harm him in the least, and will fight for his good name with all legal guarantees” . means at your disposal “.

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